Thursday, January 20, 2011

“Demonstrating Science and Intelligent use of Service in action!”

"Scientific Dilligent Daily Constant and Unrelenting Focus on ones Spiritual Psychological and Earthly Aspirations and their Attainment are the Key note Factors and Inner and Outer Focus for Today,the 5th Ray Ray.We use all the Aspects of our Minds and Bodies to realizea nd Demonstrate our Highest Monadic Potential on Earthly Plane,The Cosmic Physical Plane of Gods Infinite Ominiverse,of which this Earth is but a Atom and Speck,in the Grandest and Most Vaste Vista of Life Imaginable.We are also more then the all,we are literally are all and have all,Therefor we should give our all to all,That way we will never fall!"We as incarnations of God Literally are everything and have everything,we key factor then is what shall we give,to our Brothers and Sisters who are also incarnations of God,What shall we give to God?For what we give to God (Our Brothers and Sisters)Is what God will give to us.So on Friday the 5th Ray Day we focus all our ENergies and Efforts on giving Freely for the Pure Joy of It,We serve Constantly and Consistently always going the extra mile in everything we do for our Brothers and Sisters,We develop Scientific Ways of Living and Giving,Scientific ways of Experiencing and Gaining Knowledge Scientific and New Ways of being together as One Family of Realizing Masters as Gods in training and as Sons and Daughters of the Most high.We perfect our craft and then focus on sharing that craft gift and Unique gift Skill and ability that brings us into our Highest Demonstration of our God Consciousness with our Brothers and Sisters.We do that in all small and large ways today,this way we demonstrate Science and Intelligence Activity In Service of Ourself God and Our Brothers and Sisters on the Earthly Plane!”

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