Wednesday, January 12, 2011

“Harmonic Balance of Beauty Grace,Easy and Ceaseless Joy”

“Harmonic Balance of all Ones Inner and Outer Polarities and aspects of Consciousness leads Effortlessly into Planetary Beauty Grace Ease and Ceaseless Joy.Where one is Balanced there will be Beuty.Where one is imbalanced there will be a Lack of Beauty and a sense of Death and finitude.We enter Perfection then by Balance and Harmony within and without!Harmonic Peace Comes through the Demonstration of the 3 Previous Ray Qualities in a Balanced and Integrated Way in daily Life,Mastery is attained to a Great Degree and one begins to experience life not as a Battle but as a Joyus Celebration,An infinitely Opportunistic Realm of Pure Potential for positive use of Ones Personal Power,Countless ways to serve and give and Lead,Countless ways to Create and Express Creativity,Countless ways to Use ones Mind Intelligently and Countless way to express and experience harmony and balance.
Todays Focus is on the Heart Chakra and the Element Air.We focus all our Physical Earthly Psychological Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension Meditation Practices around entering the Heart Chakra and the 4th Sphere of the Artists and Creatives.We focus on attuning our Spiritual Bodies to Master Paulo the Venetian and all 4th Ray Adepts and Aspirants.We use all our Physical Exercise Practices to draw our Physical energy into our Heart Chakra.We use all our efforts of spirit to atttune us to the Air Element.We especially align with the Air and the Wind,feeling and experiencing the Winds calming touch and feel.Again all our work should be about bringing our Consciousness to the Heart Chakra and the Sphere of Balance and Harmony that is the Expression of the Heart.Or Hearts must be Light as a Feather as it where in the Egyptian Mysteries,for us to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.So in this Life now in the eternal present moment we make sure our hearts are as light as a feather b doing what ever is required inwardly or outwardly to make this a manifest reality!Joy Love and Giving and Expression are absolute keys to lightening the Heart!So in all events and circumstance of life today make sure you hold your self all your Bodies and all your Minds in the Light of the Inner Air,Open and receptive yet strong and Powerfully directing the Life Airs to enter the 4th Sphere.Be sure to express your Highest Creativity and Creativity as well as Harmony at all times,Be sure to align yourself and express yourself as a 4th Ray Master and aspirant today.If you can and will remain in the Higher Aspects of the 4th Ray and 4th SPhere today no matter the testing or challenges you will be well on your way to making progress on the path of Integrated Ascension and Mastery of the 4th Ray and 4th SPhere of Life!

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