Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Demonstrating Harmony and Balance,Peace and Perfection!"

Demonstrating Harmony Balance Beuty Peace and Perfection are today’s Earthly Psychological and Spiritual Focus.We work on developing these qualities in our Earth Life in our Thinking and in our Spiritual Attunement and alignment.We use our Physical Energy to enter the Heart by Moving our Energy to that Center and keeping our Focus there internally as well as externally on creating Harmony with others and self.We place our Consciousness in the Sphere of the Artist the Writers and Creators of all kinds,placing our thinking and action on positive sharing positive learning and positive giving.We focus our Psychology on being right with Self with God and with Others as an absolute focus,then we focus on developing Harmony in all our Human and non Human Relationships.We develop Harmony with all our Brothers and Sisters in all Kingdoms,We develop Harmony with all of creation as an absolute Focus Intetion and all our actions go to this experience and revelation.We attune and align our Spiritual Bodies,Our Light Bodies,Our Split off and Bi Located Self into Master Paul the Venetians Ashram in Venice,where we learn the Higher Science of Harmony and Beuty and all creative Expressions of that sphere.We attune to all the Planetary Externalizations of the Masters Ashram through all creative Types,Any and all forms of Music Art and Creativity.We make sure we develop our Musical and Artistic abilities through our Musical creative Art and Writing Practice.So by doing all these 3 Things on the these 3 Levels we can be sure that we will be on this Day developing an Integrated Approach to our God and Self Realization,that we will be developing in the 4th SPhere of Life through the 3 Key doors,Through the 3 Faces of God,Earthly Psychological and Spiritial.We can be assured that we are making swift and good progress this day in our Integrated Ascension and our Integrated Ascended Masters Consciousness!

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