Saturday, January 15, 2011

“Magical Victorious Order,in service of the IAM on Earth!”

"Magical Victory in all ones Efforts comes through the Dilligent and Daily application of all the Previous 6 Ray Qualities and through applying onesself daily to service of the Office of the Master of the Ashram.We become the Integrated Synthisis Incarnated upon the Earth.We become the Integrated IAM on Earth even as we are in Heaven!By Applying our Selves Dilligently each day in service of the Masters Ashram we become the Integrated Synthisis that is the mark of the Mahatma,Melchedizek and the Metatron,We become the integrated IAM and the New Higher Octave Synthisis that comes to illuminate the World to the Greater Mysteries of the Universe.By Demonstrating daily each 7 rays we become Integrated Ascended Masters in a Balanced Way.By Grounding all the 7 Ray Ashrams in our Daily life we become the Integrated Synthisis the Integrated IAM on Earth.By Serving from this Perspective we find ourselves merged with the Greater Planetary IAM with the Greater Planetary Perfection that Pervades the Planetary Christ/Melchedizek/Mahatama Consciousness.We become the Master upon the Earth,By our Daily Dilligent Effort on all lines we become the Intersection of the Greater Cosmos,The Greater Kingdom of Heaven Above upon the Earth.We become the Door Way to the Greater Infinities of Spirit,The Greater Perfection of the Perfect Tao on Earth,We become the Teachers of Light and Keepers of the Sacred.We become the Servants and For Bearers of Aspiring Humanity and find our way into greater Service Responsibility to Humanity and the Previous 4 Lower Kingdoms.We find ourselves in a Position of Greater Planetary World Leadership and service.We find that we are in training with the Ascended Masters for taking their Positions when they take on greater responsibilities in the Solar Evolution and eventually on thier own Cosmic Evolution.We find then by our 7 Day Daily effort as desribed in this Blog and Website,By Participating in all the Training and doing all the Practices and Methods described on a Physical Earthly Psychological Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension level that we are becoming Fully God and Self Realized and that all our efforts are to service of Humanity and Demonstration of the Integrated IAM,We find that we are well on our Way to Becoming and Realizing Full Integrated Ascended Masters Consciousness on Earth and attaining our 7 12 and 24th Level of Initiation and Light body! We are well on our way to attaining God realization on all 4 Faces of God,(Physical Emotional Mental and Spiritual!)So it is writen then so shall we Will it be Done!Namaste Dear Friends!

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