Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Mastering all ones Thoughts Feelings Energies and Actions!"

Mastering All ones Energies thoughts feelings and action are todays key focus and practice.We use our 100% Personal Power at all times and in all Situations of Life to Master and Demonstrate our Highest Ideal on a Physical Earthly Level in terms of our Sleep Patterns and Habits Our Eating and Physical Exercise Routine and so forth.We use our Full Personal Power to Demonstrate on a Psychological Level Absolute 100% Personal Power at all times never giving our Power to any one or anything for any reason.Claiming our Personal Power 100% at all times in service our God The Masters and our Spiritual Mission!We also ask and request to be attuned and Bi Located to Master El Moyras Ashram on the Inner Plane and in our Spiritual Light Body through out our Day time activities and service as well as our Inner Plane Travels and Sojourns while sleeping.If we can do this todays at our Highest Potential on Mondays we will be well on our Way to Mastering the 1st Ray and the 1st Sphere of Life!

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