Thursday, December 30, 2010

"5th Ray Focus!"

The Key Focus and Service work of the 5th Ray Ashram and 5th Sphere of Life is to Focus every moment on what one Wants from a Situation,The Thoughts Feelings and Experiences One Wants to Create,The States inner and outer that One Wants to experience.It is the Higher Octave of the 3rd Ray so it is a Mental Ray that allows one the ability to think consistently,This Laser Focus allows one to Know anything one sets on Mind to,it is therefor the Ray of the Scientist and all Great Discoveries in Science have come through this Laser Focus.All Knowledge from Nature has been obtained this Way and The Great Mother Herself gives her secrets Forth to those that Directs the Fires of Mind Focus into the Deepths of Bosom,Those who direct the Spiritual Mental Emotional and Physical Energies into the Deepths of the Mother Receive the Blessings Gifts Bounty Abundance Knowledge Peace and Perfection that is the Mothers Gifts.This Relates esoterically to the Dual SPhere of Scorpio and Taurus.
The Key Pracrtice of the 5th Ray is to focus ones attention and energy on manifesting Ones Goals and aspirations by Firing the Sub Conscious Mind with the Conscious Mind the Impressions of the Super Conscious Mind at all times and in all situations.This requires Constant Dilligence for the Instant One is not causing ones reality One is being Caused by Reality,The Instant One is not being a Master One is becoming a Victim.The Instant one is not Focusing on what they want they are focusing on what they dont want.So we can see the Requirements for Mastery of the 5th Ray which is basically unbroken Dilligent Unceasing focus on ones Manifestation process and then taking action to that end.Action is the Key here to and after taking action one should review ones actions During the Yin Cycle(Night Time and New Moon).During the Yang Cycle(Day Time and Full Moon) One should be unceasing in ones Focus attention on ones goals desires and aspirations then take action to the attainment Realization Integration and Demonstration of those Ideals on the Earthly Plane.All Practices should be around these keys as well as focusing the Energy and Mind at the Throat Chakra and the Space Element.One should also request to attune to Master Hillarion and the 5th Ray Ashram and to be bi located to that Ashram all day and Night.By this way one is moving into the Upper Trigram of the 5th SPhere of Life,by Ones “Un Relenting Focused attention on ones Manifestation Process!” Namaste Dear Friends!

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