Sunday, December 5, 2010

"The 7th Great Labour of Life"

“The 7th Great Labour of Life is to use the Magical Energy of all the Bodies and Minds in service of the Highest Integrated Ascended Master Ideal and the Incarnation of that in your Daily Earth Life!The 7th Great Labour is to use all Spheres of LIfe all Ashrams and Offices and to attune to and align with the Higher Aspect of each of the 7 Major Shperes of Life and Express that in all you do.This work should be done in Synchrony and Harmony with all the Lords of the World,as you are now and extension of their work.This should be done under Melchedizek the Universal Logoas,The Mahatma the Avatar of Synthisis and Metatron,the ArchAngel of all Archangels.With this Cosmic 3 Fold Power and the Full Power of your 7 Ray Empowerment Study and Demonstration as well as your 12 Brain Centers and Higher Nerves,With all your Higher Minds and Light Bodies acting in Perfect Synch and Harmony create perfection action in the World to create Victory to the Plan of God and the Masters!

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