Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"The 4th Ray Mission!"

The Incarnation of Ones Unique Divinity and Fullfilling Ones Personal Soul and Monadic Energies upon the Earth are our Focus and Service work today.The Focus of the Day is Incarnation of Ones Divinity,In Expressing Beuty and Harmony.In Incarnating Divinity in the Body upon the Body of the Earth Mother,as a Demonstration to the Heavenly Father.It is therefor an Alchemical Process of Uniting the Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father upon the Earth.It is the Culmination of the Previous 26,000 Year Cycle of Evolution and Even Great Periods of Development,This Ray relates to the 4th Ray and 4th Ray Ashram as well as the 4th Initiation which the Earth Mother is herself taking at this time.We can see this Culminating in the Many Areas of Music Art and Creativity of all Kinds taking Place across the Earth at this time.Music Has brought the Opportunity of all Earth Souls in the Human Kingdom to experience the Higher Energies of the 4th Ray and Experience the Expression of Harmony Beuty and Divinity on the Earth.There are of Course Higher and Lower Octaves of this Expression for a Great Deal of Modern Music is Governed by the Ego and Negative Ego Programming as a lot of the these 4th Ray Souls and adepts have not learnt how to Control their Own Negative Ego,Inner Child,Psychology and Past Life Programming so to a great extent they are Victims and are being run by the Negative Ego.They are also then demonstrating this Negative Ego Example to many young impressionable Chelas and Aspirants and there by Continuing the Cultivation of the Negative Ego as oppose to the Christ Consciousness.It is a great call and service then for light workers to take up the Rod and Flame of Ones Christed Power Love and Wisdom and all the Other Ways in a Balanced and Integrated way so that one may set a Christed Example in the Musical World as this is so much needed.Where ever one can intuite and is guided by God and the Masters to any area where Modern Musicians are being Run by the Ego,To the Degree that one can learn from that and learn what not to do,is the degree to which one will be moved forward in the Spiritual Hierarchy and Ones Ascension Mission on Earth.God and the Masters are looking for 4th Ray Adepts who can stay out of their Negative Ego and Creative Beutiful Harmonious Music in co creation with thier Brothers and Sisters for the Glory Victory Power Love Wisdsom Balance Hamony Science Devotion and Magical Power of God!All Work on this Ray should be as on all other rays and in all other Ashrams used to Serve God and the Masters not the Lower Seperative Fear Based Illusionary Negative Ego.This is the Great Clarion call then to all 4th Ray Personalities Souls and Monads to step into the Higher Octave of the 4th Ray and Brining the Higher Energies of Harmony to the Earth through Ones Personal Mission.By doing this one will be all the more effective at Realizing and Demonstrating Ones Personal Puzzle Piece and thereby find the Peace and Perfection that Passeth all Understanding!One will have the Blessing of God The Masters The Angels The Elhoim The Christed Extraterrestial the Elementals and all the Elements of the Cosmos and therfor will have the Blessing and Support of the 12 Great Kingdoms of God and all of Creation!Who or what can be against one then and how can one not succeed and be totally successful in ones Mission and Work at all times,if ones keeps to the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Mind and stays out of Ones Negative Dualistic Fear Based Seperative Lower Self Mind!One will be blest in all one does and Moved on in Ones Cosmic Ascension!One will come to learn as much about ones Self and the Great Cosmic Self as one is allowed.And One will feel so blest and abundantly Supported Nourished Satisfied Fulffilled Peaceful Harmonious Full of Knowledge and Devotion and Magic that one will want only to share and give to others.One will be a Blessing to the World and by this God and the Master will pour out Blessings through Ones Self!One will become a Transmiting Force for the Spiritual Hierarchy and a Great Blessing to the World!

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