Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Checklist of 10 things you can do to move out of Mass Consciousness"

Checklist of Ten things you can do to Move out of Mass Consciousness

1. You must strive for integration, balance, synthesis and full spectrum prism consciousness in all ways and all things. Mass consciousness is exactly the opposite: it is fragmented and imbalanced.

2. You must have discipline and structure in life.

3. You must develop an incredible work ethic.

4. The way out of mass consciousness is through denial and affirmation: denying the consciousness of the masses and affirming the group consciousness of the New Group of World Servers.

5. You must claim your identity to the level above you instead of the level you are living on.

6. You must live your Spiritual ideals.

7. You must be in integrity within yourself: If you learn a thing force yourself to practice that thing.

8. You must be 100% determined to not let anything stop you from your mission and vision in life.

9. Rest when needed and embrace the horizontal plane of life, but see these things in the context of your Spiritual path.

10. If you cannot run up the mountain, walk! If you cannot walk, crawl!

The Integrated Ascended Master is 100% committed to step out of mass consciousness because he realizes that he is not born to fit in – he is born to stand out! He chooses to stand out of mass consciousness, and instead of following the path of the masses, he forges his own path and leaves a trail for others to follow!

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