Tuesday, December 21, 2010

“The Vaste Oceanic Expanse of the Water of Planetary FullFillment!”

The 2nd Sphere of Life which we cultivate Developing integrating and demonstrating is the Sphere of The Great Cosmic Waters of Life and Light,It is the Realm of Emotional Fullfillment,(Which saw its Planetary Culmination in the Height and Peak of the Atlantean Age)It is the Sphere of Sexuality Creativity and higher Christed Emotion.It is the Center of Satisfaction and gives a sweetness of Life that has been term the Exqusit Jewel in Eastern Yogic Parlance.It is that area of Life where we fullfill and nourish all our Emotional Desires and experience the Delight and joy Peace Gratitude and Perfection from Doing so.It is the Sphere of Great Planetary Fullfillment and each part of the Whole must do its part to fullfill itself so that the greater whole of the Great Being Known as God/Godess The Tao The Dharmakiya the Great IAM Might be Fullfilled and completed as is the Will of that Great Being!We must all fill our Own Cup first and then assist in filling others Cups.In this way we gain the Infinite Energy of the 2nd Great Sphere and Become Masters of the 2nd Ray the 2nd Initiation and the 2nd SPhere of Life!
The Oceans of Life are So vaste that they hold the Total Emotional Experience on an Etheric Level of all Terrestial Life Forms,they Hold both Poles of Love and Fear and all Emotions and Experiences therein.They hold and vibrate or are vibrated through all Life Forms so that each Life Unit or Entity of Energies Life and Emotional Experience is vibrated at a particular rate through the Waters of ones Being,THe water Content,The Blood,The other Waters within the 4 Body System.These Waters and there degree of Balance and harmony and lack there off vibrate either within the frequencies of Fullfillment or the frequencies of Disatisfaction Craving Desire and Aversion.Our Job then as Extended Soul Sparks of the Spirit of the Spirit of the One God,the Great Cosmic Monads,God/Godess the Most High Itself,is to make sure we at all times are vibrating on the Positive aspect and degree of this Spectrum.We do this by fullfilling all our Emotional Mental Psychological Spiritual and Physical Desires and Aspirations,then once our “Cup Runeth Over” on all levels within and without,we can begin assisting our Brothers and Sisters in all Kingdoms of God to attain similar and greater Things.We can assist all life in achieving emotional Fullfillment.The ways in which we do this will be up to our Ray type our Psychological make up and our particual Puzzle Piece and the way God Created us and the way we created ourself in our many past lives and through out our Social Political Cultural Conditionings and choosings as well!We can get busy then serving as the Lord of the Worlds would have us serve.

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