Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous thing!"

I Do not like to admit this but some of the Most Disturbed People i have ever meet in this Life time have been Proclaimed Spiritual People and Light Workers.I do not say this to be Judgmental but to bring the Sword of Discernment to your Mind and heart.When we begin to understand Soul and Spiritual Psychology we start to see how this can be.We have all heard the Saying,”The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions”and we all know people and groups of people who make this saying so Christianity etc!How can so called Spiritual People be like this?The reason is what we like to call “Sub Conscious and Negative Ego Interference.”MOst of these People mean well,these people are often very knowledgable and have a lot of Spiritual Knowledge.But they are so run by their Emotional Body Sub Conscious Mind Inner Child and Desire Body that although they have a lot of Spiritual KNowledge they are not in control of their Spiritual Energies.Their Sub Conscious Mind is running them!The Sub Conscious Mind has no reasoning.When you let the Sub Conscious Mind run you this also means you let the Emotional and Astral Body run you.This also Means the Desire Body Runs you.This also means that the desire Body Runs you.This mean that you do not cause your Emotions,but they are victimizing you!This also means that the Negative Ego is running the person and their Life is being Run By a Non Reasoning Mind.This is an Indisputable Fact and Law of the Mind,This also Means that if Ones Sub Conscious Mind is to much incharge tha ones Mind Ones Inner Child and Ones Desire Lower Self and Negative Ego will be to much in Charge.a Person will be constantly making Mistakes and basically ones Sub Conscious Mind will be Creating Havoc in ones Life.This is what happens my friends when we let a non reasoning Mind run our Lives.Usually this Kind of Person is One Mistake after is really Mind Boggling to Watch.How can some one who is so knowledgable about SPiritual Things be So Unclear and make so many Mistakes over and over again in everything they do?
This also leads to the Most Unbelieveable Distortions of Perceptions!Their Belief System and Perception of Reality is hence greatly Controlled by a non Reasoning Mind Sub Conscious Mind and Negative Ego.A Great Many people think that “ALl you Need is Love”.This is not True,They do need love however they also need to know how to own their Personal Power and Little Psychological Wisdom Besides.It is always the Proper Balance of Love Wisdom and Power that is the Key!Only having one of these 3 Fold Flames will manifest in Negative Ego and Distorted Fragmentation.Now in Some cases this will manifest as Extremely Selfish and Socio Pathic behaviour even though the Person is on a Spiritual Path!How can a Person on a Spiritual Path be Sociopathic?This seems like the Ultimate Paradox.The Reason is that the Super Conscious the Conscious and the Sub Conscious Mind are all Fragmented.If you actually realized how many people this is happening to you would be astounded!If you knew how many Spiritual Leaders and Spiritual Teachers this is happening to you would be even more flabergasted.It is so common it is Mind Boggling!Most Spiritual Leaders,Channels and Teachers are falling Down the Spiritual Mountain Right and Left and a Great Many are also falling from Grace.This is because the SPiritual and Pyschological and Earthly Levels are not Mastered and INtegrated Properly.What is even more amazing is that these people who this is going on to don’t even have a Clue and this they are totally together.They for the Most part dont even know what the Negative Ego is except to be Run by it.What is even more amazing is that if you asked these people what the Negative Ego is they would say that they Mastered that in the Spring of 72!There is So much Corruption and Glamour going on in the Spiritual Movement and Spiritual Path it is Mind Boggling!If you have ever watched Shows Like Survivor and Big Brother one can get a sense of the Negative Ego and Sub Conscious Mind Interference taking Place.The ammount of Back Biting and Negative Ego Corruption os perceptible even to some one not trained in Spiritual Psychology.We can only Imagine what an Advanced Civilization of Extraterrertial Race might think in this regard!
Now there are often instances of Advanced Spiritual leaders and People that are even involved in semi criminal and almost even insane belief systems about things.They are so run by the Sub Conscious Mind and negative Ego and don’t even realize it.Because of this Sub Conscious Mind and Negative Ego are running them to such a degree they even start believing their own Lies.They are so unclear they do not even know what Integrity or Honesty is.Thei negative Egos are running the Show so no telling the Truth becomes a way of life and pretty soon the cant even tell the Difference between what is un truth and what is reality.They then become self righteous behind their Unconscious lies actually believing they are true.This usually coincides with a complete obsession for power fame and money!It also sometimes manifests with the Person who is so incredibly disturbed they think they are some kind of God Realized Being or Avatar.In truth the Only thing they are Realizing is their own Negative Egos!Now one of the Most disturbing things of all is how many Spiritual People are completely lacking in the Spiritual Discernment to see through their own Corruption.Many of these people are Major Spiritual Leaders Teachers Channels Scientists and Healers!They often say the are getting their Informations from their Guides Angels and of Ascended Masters.This is the Biggest joke of all!If truth be known their so called Guides and Angels and Ascended Masters are there own Negative Egos!These Spiritual Leaders and Teachers actually think it is legitimate guidance however it is corruption at the Highest level.They go on stage and act all loving and undiscerning light workers buy into it hook line and sinker!Now behind the scenes this person is manifestion behaviour that could be described as the Anti Christ.As the Ascended Masters once told me the Anti Christ would be a Spiritual Teacher!
In these Cases i am talking of we see here the Dichotomy of their Stage life of being a Masjor Spiritual Teacher SPiritual Channel and or Spiritual Scientist and the Total Corruption and Completely Selfih Motivations behind the sences.Their Psychologies are completely and totally confused.They do not have the first clue of the difference between Negative Ego Fear Based Seperative Dualistic Illusionary Selfish and Lower Self Materialistic thinking and the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad Mighty I am Presence God/Godes THinking and feeling!Their Motives are so impure that is it mind Boggling,that they could even call themselves SPiritual Leaders or SPiritual Teachers.They are Often Filled with Self Aggrantizement.They say that they are working for the Masters but all they talk about is themselves.Power has completely gone to their Heads,They often abuse their followers and call it Spiritual teaching.In some cases they are Filled with Anger and Even Hatred.They bite the hand that feeds them and even after being caught in their web of deceit Lying Negative Ego Manipulation Selfishness thirst for Power and Greed they just make up more Lies to try to escape from their Incredible Hypocrisy.These people are incapable of admitting Mistakes or ever apologizing.They lack the most Important Spiritual God Quality in my opinion and that is God Purity!Now it can also manifest very oten as a tupe of split personality where there is a very nice spiritual person who is totally believable then this other sides comes out that is selfish to the Core and Filled with Anger Hatred and even Evil.You would actually be amazed how common this is in Major SPiritual Leaders and Teachers!THere is often such a split that the person cant even tell when they fall into one or the other Personalities.They are so unconscious they cant even seem to tell they difference.In a lot of cases these Negative Ego Run “Spiritual Leaders and Teachers” are totally being Run by Dark and Evil Forces with out even knowing it.One of the Most Common qualities is being a Pathological Lier,however it is masked in a Spiritual or Scientific Manner and Spiritual Language and said in a loving manner which people often believe.These people are so deluded they don’t even realize they are being run by dark forces.Even when caught as they eventually are in a lot of cases,they do not admit their mistakes for their Negative Ego and Sub Conscious Mind Rationalize it and Blames others again!It also often Manifests as an extreme case of being run by the Inner Child.The Person is a Major Spiritual Teacher Leader Channel Healer Spiritual Scientist on the Stage and can be quite impressive.However the second they get off the stage the Corruption starts up again.Now hoe can this person give such a beutiful speech channeling or write such a book.Light workers and SPiritual People are often so un discerning.The Person is totally run by the negative Ego and Dark forces in their Life but gets on stage and gives a great speech or channeling.Light Workers need to be much more Discerning!Even after being caught in the act these people are so Negatively Ego Defended they Could not admit a Mistake if their Life depended on it.These are Major Spiritual Teachers and SPiritual Leaders i am talking about!They are so run by the sub conscious mind and negative ego and do not even realize it.So even when they are caught and communicated with in their own mind all they do is blame others.They often only fous on teaching other people their lessons instead of learning their own!They are often quite attached to their point of view as well as self Righteous and Opinionated.They are also over emotional.IN some cases they are so run by the Negative Ego Sub Conscious Mind Astral Body and Lower Self they are Prone to Drug abuse or Substance abuse!They are also filled with competition and Jealousy.They talk behind other peoples backs and are prone to backstabing and betrayal.They think they are strong but they are really weak for the are out of control,even though they put on the Facade they are not!They are very Conviving.One of the Most Astonishing things is what good liers they are.They can turn on the SPiritual Charm and can speak the New Age SPiritual Language and Exude such love that no matter how many times they actually do it you actually believe them.The next thing behind the scenes they are acting as selfish as hateful and as evil as ever!Be aware my freinds of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing!
So why and how are so many light workers so easily deceived?This is because they have not been trained in Spiritual Psychology to the degree that they need to be.They do not understand the fragmentation can take place between the Super Conscious the Conscious and the Sub Conscious Mind.They have not been sufficiently trained in the difference between Negative Ego and Christ Consciousness.They also have a Naive Understanding of what channeling and Psychic abilities are and how they are totally channeled through ones Ray Strucuture through ones Conditioning Ones Mind Ones Negative Ego ones Programing Ones Astrology and so forth.They think if it is channeled it is true.Nothing could be further from the Truth!If People knew how much any and all channeling of the Ascended Masters Angels Guides and Teachers is channeled through ones Psychology Ones Belief System Negative Ego Agendas Negative Ego Glamour and Psychological Philosophical and Personality Filters of the Person doing the Channeling they would be shocked!THey would think twice before every giving their Power away to a Person doing a Channeling.The Same Applies to Psychics readings and SPiritual Teaching.We have all heard the saying a little KNowledge is dangerous thing.Most of these people are filled with Book Knowledge from workshops.They Package it up all Nicely and give SPiritual Bullets.SInce it is based on a Many Great Truths Light Workers buy it Hook Line and Sinker!What they are not discerning is how fragmented these the information is and how corrupted the Messenger is.The messengers only real concern is for self aggrantizement Power Fame Sex Vanity Control of Others.The Hypoocrisy is unreal.The Corruption is Mind Boggling!The Most Unbelievable thing is how common it is among enormous numbers of Spiritual Leaders Channels Teachers Scientists and Healers.
This Lesson has been lovingly Given to help Light Workers to have more SPiritual Discernment and Psychological Vision to watch out for “Wolves in Sheeps Clothing!” and also to be aware of “Sub Conscious and Negative Ego Interference.”For the SPiritual Leaders and Light workers are 100% of the Time completely un aware these are going on within themselves and their students and followers are not aware of these things either.They are drawn to True Knowledge,but have not been sufficiently trained yet in SPiritual Psyschology to be able to see the Enormous Corruption that is taking place.It is Mind Boggling to think all of these spiritual leaders channels teachers scientists psychics do not have a clue that any of this is going on.A great many number have taken a tumble down the Spiritual Mountain,and do not even have a clue.A Great Many have actually fallen from Grace and the Ascended Masters have stopped their Evolution and they do not have a clue.Many have been reported to the Karmic Board and are on serious Spiritual Probation.Many are actually involved in Semi Criminal Sociopathic and almost Schitzophrenic Split Personality Multiple Personality Delusionary and even almost psychotic Behaviour and they dont even have a clue!Many are on ego trips so massive it is hard to believe anyone but an absolute insane person could believe such a thing,yet they do not even have a clue this is going on!If you asked these SPiritual Leaders Teachers Scientists Healers Musicians and Light Workers if they are clear or if they are Spiritually clear and centered,if they are in control of the Negative Ego Inner Child Sub Conscious Mind Emotions thoughts and feelings,They will say they are and that they are Manifesting 100% Christ Consciousness all the time!I have observed this over the years over and over again and it still never ceases to amaze me!I have spoken to the Master about this for hours on end and it is as disturbing to them as it is to you and me.It was for this reason that God and the Masters in the Company of Heaven and Spiritual Hierarchy that Evolution should actually be slowed down not speeded up.Things where slowed down because the Spiritual Bodies where far more advanced then the Psychological Bodies as well as the Integration of Spirit into the Earthly Bodies and life.In other words the advancement of the Spiritual Body has not been integrated fully and properly enough into the mental emotional etheric physical and earthly aspect of life.Hence this is causing way to much disintegration and fragmentation as has been described.It is for this Reason that the Masters asked me to Write this lesson!It is for this Reason that all the IAMU COntent training Manuals Soul Psychology and Correspondence Courses have been written and given to Light Workers to be able to understand these things and start to master and demosntrate the Psychological Ideal in this Regard!This lesson is given lovingly as a wake up call to light workers to be very Spiritually and Psychologically Vigilent within self and with other people for only in seeing these things in self can we learn to see them in others!This lesson has been given to open your Psychospiritual Vision so that you may not be taken over unconsciously by these Forces and so you may help your Family Friends Students or Collegues to whom this is happening.
To Fully Realize integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness you must become a Master of the Spiritual Level the Psychological level and the Earthly Level in a Balanced and Integrated Manner!It is only when this is done that Full God and Self Realization can take place.It is only by being aware of these things in self can we see them in others.So we can now be on guard for this,and help others ti be aware of this also!It is my Sincere Hope and Prayer that this in depth study of the Negative Ego within light workers and spiritual people will help to inspire you even more to become and Integrated Ascended Master within Self and then to dedicate your Life to help others to doing the same in their Lives!Namaste!
Dr Joshua David Stone and Gloria Excelcias Run the Inner and Outer Plane IAMUniveristy.( is a humble extension of this Great work and all thanks and acknowledgement is given to Joshua for Providing this Material and for Gloria in Expounding and Disseminating this more Widely across the Planet.These Teachings are the New Higher Octave Aquraian Teachings and Joshua is himself in training with Lord Meitrya to take over the Office of the Christ as Lord Meitreya Continues in his Cosmic Evolution.I think you can then sense the Profundity of what has been given here!It is our hope and pray that you use all this material to become a Master of it and then share that with all your Freinds Family Students Collegues and So forth so the Entire Planet can wake up to this and eventually become a Race of Ascended Masters and Advanced Earthly Civilization,eventually back to one of the most advanced in the Universe!

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