Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Integration and Demonstration of all 9 Planetary Spheres!

As the Bible Says “Ye are Gods and Know it not!” Well now that we have by the Blessings of Sanat Kumura and the Spiritual Hierarchy we have been blest with the Knowledge Wisdom Power and Love to Realize that we are Gods!”We are Gods and Know it!Let us then Show it!Interesting to not while meditating upon one Planetary Sphere,for example the Sun,Solar,Sol one gains Knowledge of that Sphere within the Infinite Omniverse and in relation to its Relative and Absolute Position within the Omniverse.One also gain through rigerous Study of the Ancient Sciences of Life Astrology Astronomy Astrotheology and other Such sciences of the Spheres that there are other Celestial Bodies that Orbit this Center of Gravitational Force,This Son,The One,This Sol,This Solar Center,Our Sun.Now what role have these Bodies?What energies emenate from these Great Celestial Beings?What is the Will and Work of such Great Solar Beings?How can we Integrated these Emenation into our Own Consciousness?By Remaining Open and running the Said Planetary Energies through our System each day in a Systematic Manner.Much the Same as our Previous Studies of the Rays over the 7 Days of the Week,let us look at the 7 and 9 Planetary Bodies that Rule our Solar Plane,The 9 Great Gods,The Planets as Science of today calls them!For this Astrology gives us the Greatest Understanding of these Energy Emenations from these Great being.These beings are of course our Very Self,Our Greater Solar Self our Grand Father Mother Spirits,The Great Part of Self the Greater Part of God,The Super Celestial Self in the Body of the Great Man.We are part and on within this Greater Dance and Play,We must then work to make ourself in the Image of that which is above for surely we are bellow and thus the same as that which is above!We work then extending the Full Extent of our Energies on every level each day following the Law and Rythm of Nature herself the Great Mother,The Teacher and the Law of all the Worlds,making sure that we are in Harmony with her Timing Her Flow and her Rythms that we might Draw the Infinite Substance from Her Great Body,That we might Gain the Super Matter of the Cosmos while on the Earth,That we might by that Great Effort,By that Entering the Tao,We are Born of the World Navel and Realize ourselves as Solar Deities as Solar Aspirants on the Race and Return Home as Sons of the One.So in expressing the Fullness of the Self on Earth we express the Fullness of the Heavenly Self the Greater Celestial Man of whom we are extensions.So in expressing the Fullness of the God Self with out Limitation and Restriction on that Eternal Self that greater Whole,we find ourselves incarnating the Integrated Synthisis of the 7 and 9 Celestial Bodies,We Become expressions of the Integration of the Consciousness of the 9 Great Solar Gods.We Become Solar Deities Victorious and Revealed as the Sons of God Upon the earth!For this then we must release all Conditioning of the Dimensional Kind and move beyond all Dualistic Seperative Fear Based Illusionary Lower Self Thinking Feeling and Actions and Master and Demonstrate the Fullness of the Spiritual Christed Krishna Esclepius Helios Ra Osiris Moses Vishnu Thoughts Feelings Actions constantly,so by this means and way we become and expression of and incarnation of all that has been and all that is to come.We become the Incarnation of all that has been and we show the way for those Who are to come!We become the Point of Light and Life of God Itself in and upon all 9 Spheres of Life and Incarnations of the 9 Great Gods of the Solar Sphere.We become Reflections of the Greater Cosmic Incarnations to come.We become Wayshowers to the People and examples of the Will of God on the Earth which in this Aryan Age is to be brought forth and Higher then Love which was the Quality of the Last Age of Pices.So now with this Understanding of the experience and expression of the Fullness of our Own Energies on all levels on all lines at all times we then become expressions and extensions of the Fullness of all Lines all States and all Stages of the 7 and 9 Solar Deities.We become the Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Synthisis on the Earth.We are Gods and Know it and also show it!This is our work and service then for the next world cycle of 2,600 Years and to and through the Completion of the Aryan Age and the Age of Aquarius.This is the Way for the New Day and the Work and Service of all Aspirants and Chelas on the Universal Ecclectic Path of Synthisis.To Integrate and Demonstrate all 7 and 9 Solar Bodies as well as all 7 12 24 levels of Initiation and Light Bodies is the Work and Will of God the Cosmic Monads the 7 Lords of the 7 Rays and the 7 Planetary Ashrams,The Lord of the World the Ancient of Days The Plantary the Solar the Galactic the Universal and the Cosmic Logos Melchedizek and the Greatest of all Spirits the Mahatma!So then use this day great and every day small to raise yours energies to the all so that you might never again fall,so that you might become the Wall to it all,and open up the Great Door to it all!Blessed be the Name of God Forever More.Glory and Victory to the Sons of the One!

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