Monday, February 7, 2011

Practices for Developing the 2nd Chakra

Physical Earthly Practices for Developing the 2nd Sphere and the 2nd Chakra:First thing in the Morning Upon arising and waking up use ones Sexual Energy to express and experience the Equsitness of the Creative 2nd Chakra Energy.(God Created Sexuality,so how could Sexuality be Wrong?It is only when Sexuality is used with no Love and no Spiritual Attunement that it becomes Lust.Sexuality is a beutiful aspect of LIfe that should be embraced and experienced daily as much as eating Sleeping Working and Serving!Use your Sexuality to experience the Equsitness of this Shpere and Chakra!)Be sure to use either Tantric Taoist or Both Kinds of Practices to Cultivate and Circulate your Sexual Energy( Jing Chi ) into Higher Chakras and for cultivating the Immortal Body of Light.)Sexuality is the key to the Kingdom and the Solve and Sole for the Alchemical Process.It is the Substance of life itself and can bring Immortality if used and developed appropriately,but if used incorrectly can cause death suffering and the 7 Plagues talked of in the Bible.If used correctly it illuminates the 7 Golden Candle Sticks.(The 7 Chakras)So be sure to use your Sexuality Creatively and consistently today to develop a solid foundation for Higher Spiritual Growth.Check out Mantak Chias Universal Tao system for practices to this end of creating the Immortal Body.
Also interesting work to look at is at Express your Creativity through Music Art or any other Creative Expression.Express yourself in any and all ways you feel called to.Make sure it is alignment with the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Mind and not stemming from the Negativwe Ego Fear Based Seperative thinking.Practicing giving and receiving love of the Physical Body either with self or with a Massage Hugs Physical Affection.Express Unconditional Love of the Physical Body of self and other!Love the Physical Universe and the Physical Body of God!Love the Material Universe as much as your Love the Spiritual World!

Psychological Consciousness practices for developing the 2nd Sphere and the 2nd Chakra:Access ones Dreams upon arising writing them down and then reviewing how and if that represent a creative use of Ones Creative and Sexual Energies.If not make the appropriate adjustment in your Consciousness.Practice having Unconditional Love for Ones Content of Consciousness from ones Past Life Programing to all ones Ray Structure to Ones Personality Type To Ones Archetypes to Ones Inner Child to Ones entire Consciousness in truth.Recieve God and the Masters unconditional Love and Creative Support and then express and share that with yourself and your Brothers and Sisters also.Spread and share the Unconditional Love that God and the Masters have for you at all times and in all situations and share and demonstrate that Love Unconditional to your Brothers and Sisters on Earth!To your Greater Planetary Family in all 12 Kingdoms!Practice Loving all aspects of Consciousness as they appear to you and as they pass your Screen of Consciousness as they pass by your Witness self who watches all things rise and fall as a dance and play of the Infinite,a Silent Buddha and SIlent Watcher of all things.Sit and rest as that Perfect Buddha even in your Earthly Activities and Earthly Service!Make sure all your Thoughts every hour are aligned with the Christ Mind and that no Negative Ego thoughts or feelings have creeped in.If they have follow the Feeling back to the thought that created it and creatively change that to the proper and correct Christed thinking and therefor feeling!Attune your Consciousness to the Great Sphere of Creativity by Listening to the Radio perhaps learning about the LIves of Great Artists and Great Educators of Humanity.Listen to and attune your Consciousness to the SPhere of Spiritual Education in the many multifacited ways that that manifests.Think about and focus on learning yours lessons as SPirit God and the Masters would have you learn them!Focus on learning the Lesson in every life situation,focus on learning your own lessons not teaching other people theirs!Practice Humility for after Pride Cometh the Fall as the Bible Says!Focus on not only learning from self and your Own Mighty I am Presence but also focus on learning from the Holy Spirit in all ways.Learn from other Peoples success and from other Peoples Mistakes.Learn from those around you and all people and cultures of the World!Learn what to to do and what not to do!Learn from everything in life as everything in life is a Teacher,and the World a Schools,and the Universe a University as Sai Baba has Said!Focus on entering the Greater Planetary School for Integrated Ascended Masters!Enrol in the !!!!!!!

Spiritual Ascension Practices for Developing the 2nd Chakra and the 2nd Sphere of LIfe!First thing Upon arising ask to be attuned and aligned with Master Dr Joshua David Stone and the Ashram of Synthisis.Ask to be taken in a Bi Located State through out the day and through out your Life in general so your can be every merged with the Education Department of the Christ!Request through out your day and every Hour renewal and refreshment in this Regard so you can be right in the Front Row of the Education Department or in the Front Row of the Spiritual University of Life!Ask to be over lighted and Guided by Dr Stone and Dwhal Khul in all your Efforts today on the Inner and the Outer.Ask and request a special Disspensation to become an outpost for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Spiritual Education of the Planet!Ask to be placed in the Ascension Seat for the 2nd Ray Ashram that you might be ever aligned to the Spiritual Education of the Planet.Ask that you are given a role in Education of your Own Monad and Soul Extensions in your Monad.Ask to become a Teacher and Way Shower for your 143 other Soul Extensions in your Monad.Ask to be placed in the Seat of Education at all times and in all Situations.Enroll and study at the IAM University and IAMYA Ashram at all times in ones Split off and Bi Located State.Enroll and Join both Education departments and stay abreast each day of all latest material.Make sure you are going through systematically all the forthing coming material and current curiculum of the IAMUniversity and the IAMYAshram.This way you will be making great strides and leaps at developing your Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Synthisis Spiritual Education!

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