Saturday, February 19, 2011

Authoring Victory in Ones Earth Life Ones Psychology and Ones Spiritual Program!

"Authoring Victory in all Ones Earthly Activities are todays Inner and Outer Focus.In using Ones Physical Body Ones Emotional Body and Ones Mental and Spiritual Bodies to Be Victorious in every Challenge and Test of LIfe are todays Primary Solar Emenation and Vibration from God the Masters Source and the Higher Heirachies that Govern this Plane of Reality."Using the Energies of Ones 3 Minds and 4 Bodies to Author Victory in Ones Life and Personal Challenges and Tests are todays Foundational Practices.In your Earthly Life Author and Organize your Life so that all your Worldly Work can be Victorious.This means Cleaning and Getting Organized in clearing ones Space and getting Ones Earthly House Cleaned,Cleaning Clothes and the House and So Forth.This way the following week can be successful focused and Victorious.Next in Ones Psychology and Consciousness be sure to Process any emotional Baggage or sub Conscious Influence of Negative Emotion that One has been experiencing.Be sure to do a Victory log,listing all the reason why one feels great in life and all the victories one has had over the last year and months.Once getting clear and organized on paper with lists and charts and so forth one can move on to being Victorious in ones Spiritual Ascension Program in Taking Time to Meditate and feel ones Attunement and Alignment to God The Masters and Ones Mighty I am Presence.Take time then to get a Good 3 Rounds of Meditation where one Can and let the Mind and Negative Ego drop away in the Process of Ones Ascension Activation and through Ones Bi Location Practice to Master St Germains Ashram through the Violet Flame Invocation and Violet Flame Ascension Seat.Once one does this on every level one can be sure that they will be progressing in Victory and Transformational Magic in all Ones Life and on the 4 Faces of God!Namaste Dear Friends!

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