Sunday, February 27, 2011

Leading yourself and all your Energies In Service of the IAM Ideal!

A Pre requisite for becoming a Leader in the World of Spirit,One Really Needs to achieve and Demonstrate leadership over oneself and all ones Energies Action Emotions Thoughts and Feelings.One is required to demonstrate leadership over self over ones Negative Ego over ones Inner Child over all aspects of Ones Psychology including all the Higher Aspects like ones Astrology and the Solar Emenations,to the Archetypes,Sub Personalities,Past Life Conditioning,To this Lifes Conditioning and Social Economic Cultural Programing as well as this Life and Past Life Samskaras and Karmas.(Impressions on the Field of Mind)One needs to demonstrate leadership over ones Physical Actions in terms of Sleep habits and Patterns,in terms of Diet and intake,In terms of Exercise and use of ones energies,One needs to demonstrate leadership over ones mental body in terms of the thoughts and impressions they allow into their Mind and Sub Conscious.In terms of environment and so forth.One Needs to demonstrate leadership over ones Spiritual Routine also,in terms of taking time to attune to God the Masters and Ones own Mighty I am Presence as well as taking time to meditate and get the appropriate time in Spiritual Practices and service.This leadership should be developed practiced and Demonstrated for the Period of Probation which may last for a long or short time depending on ones stability and dilligence in ones daily service and routine.It can take up to 7 years to complete before one can be allowed to move into greater Planetary World Service and greater Planetary World Leadership!So get busy get working get serving Get Realizing and Get Practicing my Freinds!The World awaits the aspiring Masters Incarnate!Namaste.

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