Thursday, February 3, 2011

"How to realize Integrated Communication!"

An Integrated Ascended Master Learns to Communication at all times on all Levels in a Balanced way in service of Spirit and the IAM on Earth.An Integrated Ascended Master Learns to communication symoltaneously on many Planes of Existence at once serving as a Transmiting force for the SPiritual Hiearachy and the Masters of Light Connected to this and other World and Universal Systems.On this lesson we will explore the many levels of Integrated Communication!
Until one becomes and Integrated Ascended Master of Communication Commuication can and often is Fragmented Disintegrated Inconsistent and not in Alignment and often fragmented.The ideal then is to have all levels and lines in consistency and alignment with the will of the Mighty I am Presence and Spirt on Earth.Ideally we communicate as the Mighty I am Presence on Earth.Lets look at the Different levels of communication.We have different levels,some of these levels are Conscious Level Spiritual or Super Conscious Level Sub Conscious Level Sound and tone of Voice Chakra level and which chakra you are communicating from Mental Level Communication Emotional Level Communication Energy Level communication Non Verbal Communication Psychoic Commuication Earthly Level Communication Inner Sense Communication and Integrated Alignment Consistency level.
So generally when we talk about communication we talk about the Conscious Verbal Level however there are also at all times other levels taking place at the Same time.Communication from Spirit and the IAM Presence,from a Non Verbal Spiritual Level,a constant transmition God to God Self to Self is taking place,this level is more about the culmination of past and future into one Now moment of pure awareness.This is the Comunication of the IAM to the IAM.When we communicate also people are recieving Intuitive information as to the accuracy of your words.People are also listening to the Sound of your Voice to see if it is consistency with the words you speak,on amental level they are evaluating if your words make sense and are rational and logical they are checking to see if it comes form Fear of Love,they are tuning into see if it feels good to them they are tunning in on a Sub Conscious Level as to what you are saying,the are also receiving energy transmition from all 7 Chakras.They are also listening to the tone of your Voice and the Invisible Motives and Intentions behind your words Sounds and Communication.Are you coming from the Pure God Consciousness of the Christ or are you coming from Attack Judgement or Unconditional Love?Are you coming from Superiorty Inferiority or Equality?Are you coming from Confidence or Knowingness or or fear and conjecture?Each chakra is giving out energy and information about weather you are coming from Survival Putting out Sexual ENergy Weather you are Balanced Mentally Weather you are coming from Fear of Love weather you are surrendered to Gods Will or are run by the Negative Egos Will,Weather you are coming from True Spiritual Vision and lastly weather you are coming from a God Conscious God attuned Spiritual Place,or a Seperative Split of Fragmented Unitegrated Place.People are always tunning into the Energy you are putting outSome people say words but their Energy does not match their Words,People are always looking at your Facial Expressions Body Language and Gestures.They are Looking at everything you are doing on all levels at all times.They are using all 5 Sense to evaluate your Communication.They are tuning into you and your Communication with their Psychic Sense their Clairvoyance Clairaudience and Clairsentience,They are evaluating your Clothes and Physcial appearence to see if it is in alignment.They are evaluating your Hygeine and Physical Appearence,They are sensing your Aura and Physical Appearance,They are evaluating your Environment your Car your Office your Home your level of Earthly Organization and Cleanliness.They are also tunning in with their Knowingness Comprehension Spiritual Discernment Idealism all Knowledge Perfection Realization Beutitude Divine Vision Spiritual Haering Spiritual Telepathy response to Group Vibration and Psychometry,They are also recieving input from the Super Conscious Conscious and Sub Conscious Minds and the Integration Consistency alignment of all these levels.They then Choose to take or leave what you have to say weather it can be of service to them.When an Enlightened being and Integrated Ascended Master Communicates it is usually consistent Integrated and in alignment on all those levels.The person receiving the Communication is usually over whelmed by all the Love Power Wisdom Balance Light Charisma and Consistency and integrity of all these levels being totally in alignment and demonstrating of the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Ideal on Earth in a New Higher Octave Fashion that they cannot help be attracted to what you do and interested in joining your Pursuit for Exellence in everything you do and the attainment Realization Integration and Demonstration of the Christ Consciousness on Earth and the God and Self Realization on all 4 Levels of life!Most people are not even aware of these level little own mastering them.So our Focus today is to get all these levels in alignment consistency and Integration!So when we communicate it is a Service to Spirit God the Master and our Brothers and Sisters on Earth!So let us Communicate this Way today!Namaste Dear Friends!

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