Thursday, February 10, 2011

Physical Earthly Practices for the development of the 5th Chakra.

Physical Earthly Practices for the development of the 5th Chakra:First thing Upon waking up get up and get dressed and go for a Morning Run Morning Yoga or Morning Weight Training.Use the energy to get into the Physical and use your Voice while Practicing.This Ray relates to the Will so focus on bringing forth Divine Will with all your Efforts.This basically means bringing for the Integrated Ascended Masters Ideal on a Physical Earthly level (Ie Sleep Patterns,Excersise,Training,Ideal Diet,Ideal Work Play Balance.)Focus all your physical energy on bringing this into Earthly Incarnation by your Powerful Loving and Wise Demonstration.Practice Signing along to your Favourite Music for an Hour or More.This could be sacred Chants and Mantras or a New Age New World New Rock/Any Genera you personally relate to.This help develop your attunment to those aspirants who are achieving results you want as well as develop your Throat Chakra.Practice Uji Breath Breathing through the Rasping Throat as in Yoga.Focus all the Physical Energy around the throat chakra and the development of Gods Will for you!

Psychological Consciousness Practices for the 5th Chakra:First thing upon waking up think about aligning your Mental and Psychological Self with the 5th Ray Adepts of the Planet and Master Hillarions Ashram of the Christ.Think about and Visualize yourself as being a 5th Ray Servant and a 5th Ray Master.Emulate Read and Learn about those who are achieving success in all the areas you wish to attain similar results.Model their actions and their Practices for similar Results!Think about how you can deliver Service to the Race of Men with your Skill abilities and Gifts given by God.Take some action towards demonstrating Planetary World Service.Take some action towards setting up and getting involved in any and all of the New Age World Church’s and New World Groups which you feel aligned.Attune your Mind Action Soul Spirit and Body to the Great Planetary Body of World Service and World Action,attune yourself to Science and the New Higher Technology coming forth on the Planet Right Now.Attune yourself and organize yourself so that you may use and implement these Technologies in your Crystals Computers Phones Fax Printers Scanners Cars GPS Satelite Technology Shamanic Power Plants Plant Spirit Teachers Sport Groups and Wellness Families Music Sound Technology Meditation Sound Technology(Holosync etc) Food Sciences of all kinds Life Sciences of all kinds and all New Age Sciences of all kinds.Choose to Integrated these WOnderful Technologies into your Earthly Life and Release everything that is of the Old World Model and out dated in Todays Universal Terms.Enter the New Age as a Master of Science Life and Technology as well as World Service!

Spiritual Ascension Level Practices for the 5th Chakra:First thing Upon arising ask to be Taken to Master Hillarions Ashram all day in your Spiritual and Bi Located Split off Self,Ask to be placed in the 5th Ray Ideal Ascension Seat so all your Energies 3 Minds and 4 Bodies can be attuned and aligned with the Highest Monadic Potential of your self towards the Demonstration of the 5th Ray Ideal.Go for an Ascension walk and attune to the Planetary Work and World Service of the all the 5th Ray Adepts and Aspirants under Master Hillarions Guidance.Do 3 TImes ascension activiation attunement and alignment to Master Hillarion and the 5th Ray Adepts.One First thing One last thing and one in the Middle of the Day.This way you can be sure that all your Energies will be perfectly attuned to the 5th Ray Ideal.Practice Service and Going the Extra Mile in everything you do.Always give more service then you are currently being compensated for.Use the Universal Law to give and serve thinking not of the reward but doing it for the mere joy of it all!Focus on giving and Serving always and meditate on all the Ways you can creatively Serve yourself your Family Your Freinds Your Community Your Town your City Your State Your Country and your Planet.We will move on to greater Solar Service Later on after fully Completing Integrating and Demonstrating Planetary World Service and Planetary Ascension Demonstration!Ask to be trained at night and all day also in Master Hillarions 5th Ray Ashram of the Christ in the Higher Activity of the 5th Planetary Sphere of Light and life!


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