Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Integrating the 12 Tribes and 12 Collages!

For a Basic Esoteric Study(Which applies Universally to all Studies of all Schools all Systems all Methods and Teachings and All Techniques) we can and will look today at a quick way to integrate the Information and Key Codes Contained in such a System.For todays Lesson we will look at the 12 Tribes of Israel.These are the 12 Sons of Jacob,the Elder of the Israelites,Jacob gave his blessing and a symbol to each of his 12 Sons,Each having a specific Meaning and Purpose in the Unfolding of the Divine Plan,and Gods Plan for Righteousness on Earth to be Delivered at the End Times and at the Dawn of the Aquarian Age.If we look at a read the Following List of Titles and Attributes given to each of the Houses we can make an effort to Integrate and Interpret the Meaning of those Symbols to our self.We can then track our Interaction and Experience of the People we meet who incarnate those names and their relationship to ourselves.In this way we can track the understanding and begin to grasp and understand the Inner Meaning While Experiencing the Outer Meaning on an Earthly Level.This way we get both the Inner and Outer Worked out.So please refer to and read the Following Page for Meaning and Symbols of the 12 Tribes of Israel and their Meanings Given by the Grand Father of them All Jacob. http://www.occult-advances.org/12-tribes-israel.shtml
By studying the Meaning given and tracking our Own Experience with these Names and the Keepers of Them we can come to grasp the Meaning and Purpose of each house and Name and thus Integrate the Meaning Symbol and Purpose of each of the 12 Tribes of Israel!A Most important part to the Great and Grand Puzzle that God has Created for the Sons and Daughters with the Eyes to See the Ears to Hear the Minds to Concieve and the Hearts to Know!Do get busy then completing this Particular Study and use the Principals and Techniques to study other great systems Mysteries and Esoteric Studies,ie 12 Collages 12 Schools and 12 Sphere,Namaste and Enjoy your Study and Practice my Dear and Beloved Friends!

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