Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Exploring your Own Monadic Creativity

Todays Earthly Psychological and Spiritual Practices are based around the Expression and Experience of your Own Unique Monadic Creative Potential and Demonstration.Todays Focus is on expressing your Artistry through your Chosen Medium,through using your Unique gifts talents skills and abilities.What ever these are we focus today at all times at expressing the fullness of all these gifts and qualities,doing our best to give and share our talents with the World,for Does not the Bible say “Hide not your Gifts away that they be wasted,but get out and share you gifts with the world that you can be a blessing upon the World”.In this way we focus not only on developing and expressing our Creative Talents for ourselves and our own self development,we not only practice for self,we not only put in the hours of work for ourselves but for all of Creation,For God itself,as an offering to the Creator,in Love of its GLory and Granduer,As a Reflection and Mirror Image of that Supreme Creative Being in who’s image it is said that “We are Made!”So as a Humble Offering to our Own Development and our Own Incarnation of our Highest Self,and to a humble offering before the Supreme Creator,Then we also offer our gifts skills and abilities to our Brothers and Sisters,that we might share ourselves and our gifts with them,so that more may be given,we share so that we might bless others as we have ourselves been so blest with the Best,we give so that we might live,we share what we have to instruct and lead the way into Righteousness,and demonstrate the example of the Christed Pattern through our Chosen field and area of exploration.In this way we bring the Christed Pattern to all forms all systems all ways of Artistry all Systems and Methods of the Arts,effectively Transforming and Transmuting the Lower Aspect of the 4th Ray into the Higher Christed Aspect of the 4th Ray,giving us the creative Energy of God itself,giving us the Right to instruct lead the way and show the way into the New Day,under Supreme Author Yawhee,The Glory to the Infinite Story!Oh how Holy is he,The Mighty She,The Only we that we can ever be,the Eternal Free,the Always He,The Only me that you can ever be!The Eternal He,The Always She,that,thats me,can you see beloved how to get free?Come then dear ones with me and get yourself free with the Christ Light and lead with that Light into the Revamping and transformation of the Arts and the Christed Transformation of all 4th Ray Adepts Chelas Initiates Aspirants and Servants on the Path of the Artist,On the Path of Harmony through Conflict,And the Path of Beuty Harmony Peace Perfection of the Form,and the Earthing of the Watery realm of the Neptune Waters of Light and Life!Namaste and Blessings forever more on the Sons and Daughters of the One!

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