Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cultivating Magical Victory through Ordered Systems of Living Light.

Cultivating Developing and Demonstrating Magical Systems of Order in life gives on Victory in all ones Does.By Following Order in all Life systems in all methods in all approaches in all ones actions immediately out of that Comes Victory,for God itself the Invisible and Visible God of all Creation is itself ordered and structured after the perfect pattern,from the Chromosome to the Solar System.All Follows Divine Order.Employ then this Divine Order in your Life and all your Activities so that you like the Supreme Creator Destroyer and Maintainer,so that you yourself might be like that 3 Fold Supreme Personality of the GodHead on Earth.From your Sleep Patterns,To your Exercise and Health and Meditation Regiems.To your Eating and Dietary TImes and Intakes,Make them Ordered.In your Learning and Study,in your Business Dealings and in the Direction and leadership of your FInancial Life,IN your Creativity your Practice and your Expression of your Soul and Spirit through your Chosen Artisty,Through your Life Systems through your Science and Technology you use,Be Ordered and Structured in your Devotion to God the Masters and the Greater Hierarchies of Light and Life whom we serve and who’s greater office and extension we are but a part.Develop ordered systems for living in all regards and all areas of life so you Can Be Victorious and express the Magic of God and the incoming 7th Ray Energies of Ceremonial Order and Magic.Let this be your Way,this New Earth Day!Namaste!

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