Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Developing Full Spectrum Prism Synthisis Love!"

My Beloved Freinds it is a Great Pleasure to bring you the Lesson of Developing Integrated Ascended Masters Full Spectrum Synthisis Prism Unconditional Love as seen from God the Masters and Higher Spiritual Dimensions of Reality!So we have talked about the four Types of Wisdom the Twelve levels of Power and now we come to the 33 Types of Love!For in learning to do and demonstrate all these qualities within self we develop Full Spectrum Prism Synthisis Consciousness and this allows your Consciousness to shine like an Integrated Ascended Full Spectrum Prism Diamond it Gods Great Comsic Eye.You become attuned to the Great Diamond Perfection of Metatron Melchedizek and the Mahatma as well as the Collective Consciousness of all the Masters and 12 Kingdoms of God as well as the Higher Attributes of Consciousness of God/Godess on Earth!This is such an amazing Experience that has never really been given before and it is being offered to you today by Grace of God and the Masters so you can demonstrate the Higheset Deepest Longest and Strongest most Pure Most Humble Most Happy Most Integrated Christ Consciousness you could imagine.Listen CLosely my Freinds!
Basically we have been given 33 Types of Love to work with currently.Unconditional Love Lovers Love Love of Love Preferencial Love Integrated Ascended Masters Love Spiritual Love Earthly Love Heavenly Love Mental Love Emotional Love Physical Love Self Love Love for God Love From God Love for Masters Angels and God Force Inner and Outer Parental Love Motherly Fatherly Love Love for Inner and Outer Children Physical Body Love Group Consciousness Love National Love Social Love Familial Love Regional Love State Love Planetary Love Love of all the Kingdoms of God Freindship and Ascension Buddy Love Professional and Service Love Love for Extraterrestial Brothers and Sisters.Love of Creation and love of Life.In developing practicing and Demosntrating these 33 Types of Love on becomes an Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Synthisis Master of Love!
Now it must be understood also that there are 2 types of Love that seperate these Spheres,This Relates to the Tree of Life and the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness in the Kabbalah.There is Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad Mighty I am Presence God Godess Unconditional Love and there is Conditional Fear Based Seperative Dualistic Illusionary Selfish Lower Self Materialistic Love.We are either coming from one or the other of these types of love on all levels.Basically the 33 Types of Love have a Correspondence lack of Love,ie Unconditional Love Conditional Love,Love for God,Hate for God,Love for Gods Kingdom and Hate for Gods Kingdom,Love of Nature and Hate for Nature.We can see this is quite harsh but true my freinds.You are either with one and not the other.”Choose who ye shall serve” as Master Dwhal Khul likes to say!I am sure my freinds you will all choose and want to choose to live on the Light Side of the Tree of Life and Illuminate the 7 Golden Candle Sticks rather then the 7 Plagues!So the way to do this is always practice Demonstrating the Spiritual Side of the 33 Levels of Love and remain there all the time.When we are totally honest with self all the time we can learn from Mistakes and if we ever do manifest any of the Conditional Love we will turn it back to the Side of Light of God! Addictive Love forms mutually co Dependent Love rather then Love based on mutual Interdependence!
So the Key to all this is to develop Unconditional self Love and Self Worth for self at the 100% level at all times and in all situations.To be right with self 100% of the time in all Situations.When we do this we open ourselves to recieve God and the Masters Unconditional Love and Worth fully,When we receive this Unconditional Self Love and Self Worth from God and the Masters we can then share this 100% Unconditional Self Love and Self Worth with our Brothers and Sisters on earth in all forms of Relationships.We can send our Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Synthisis Love to the 3 Lower Kingdoms and all that Lyes Bellow us in a Spiritual Sense.We become the Integrated Buddha of Love that Radiates its Perfect Christ Buddha Spiritually Empowered Love to all Bellow and Behind.We become Integrated Krishnas and Integrated Melchedizeks!Another Pyschological Key to this Process is to Love the Inner and Outher Child and Children of self and all others with Firmness and Love and to transcend the Negative Ego Duality of the Critical Parent and the Overly Permisive Parent.We raise ourselves our own Inner Child and the Children of all the Lands and all the Worlds on all the Planets in all the Kingdoms of God with Proper Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Synthisis Love as the Totally Responsibly and Trust Worthly Adult and Parental Self,As the Integrated Mighty I am Self upon the Earth!So what happens if we dont give ourselves Self Love and Self worth Own our Power hold our Intelligence as Active develop Harmony and Beuty Science and Service Devotion and Idealism Ceremonious Order and Magic,we end up seeking this in someone else for we have to get this 7 Fold Love from Somewhere,It is given to self and recieved from God we can then give it to another,but we must be whole within self first else we form a bonding pattern.
So the Key is to Never give up in our Practice of Self Love and Self Worth for self and others,Mistakes are ok and a part of the Process.Mistakes are positive and Not Negative for they teach us the lesson we need to learn to master that aspect of life.The Negative Ego Practices Perfectionism in a bad way in a judegemental way of self and others.This is the Lower aspect of the Virgo Pices Solar Polarity.Mistakes happen and the Idea is to just learn from them.Everyone is welcome back to the Heavenly State of Pure GOd Consciousness when ever they choose to forgive themselves and remain in the Christ Mind and Heart,God welcomes all Prodigal Sons and Daughters home.Like Jeshua said on the Cross,Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!He also said “Judge not Least ye be Judged” as well as Take not the Speck out of your Brothers Eye for you have a Log and Beam in your Own!”.Now Master Jeshua was demosntrating the Perfected thinking or Forgiveness and Unconditional Love required to Master the Poles of Virgo and Pices,The Sign of the Artisan and the Mystic.Now remember also when Jeshua was on the Cross and the Theif Next to him asked for Forgiveness,Jeshua Said “On this day you will be with me in Paradise”So in forgiving ourselves and others we return to our Paradisical State of Conssciousness that we never really left,we just think we did!In truth the Fall never really happened it was created only in Mans Mind.No Seperation from God and Creation can ever take place in truth only the Illusionary and Temporary Experience of it Due to thinking with ones Negative Ego mind.Now it is interesting to note that Psychologically speaking we project onto God the Way we relate to ourselves and our Inner Psychology.This Manifested of course in many forms of Negative Ego God of the Old Testament who is “Jealous” Angry Judgemental and Negatively Angry.This is of course peoples own Negative Egos Projected onto God!What kind of a God would be conditionally Loving?It would not be so for God is Love,God is goodness without needing a reference point to Evil.God is Goodness without Equal God is Great Beyond Measure and Loved and Love itself.You are that and you are Realizing yourself in the Fullness of that Supreme Infinite Unlimited Love of all Kinds and of and in all Types.You are now waking up to Full Spectrum Prism Synthisis Love and the Demonstration of that Most High Ideal upon the Earth in all forms of Relationships with all Kingdoms of God!Namaste!

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