Thursday, February 24, 2011

Focusing Consistently and Constantly on ones Goals Aspirations and Ideals on all Levels at all times and in all situations!

The Main Practice and Focus of the 5th Ray Day,Friday,Is to Constantly and Consistently focus on Ones Goals Aspirations and Ideals and the taking of action towards the attainment of those Goals Ideals,this is to be done at all times and in all situations.Now quite often due to Significant Negative Emotional Experience the Mind can often be shocked into focusing on what one does not want,there by creating it!For what ever the mind thinks about and focus’ on the Mind Creates!Therefor whenever we are experiencing thinking about feeling anything we dont want it is actually a sign from Spirit Our Higher Mind and Our Super Conscious to think about and get connected to what we want!It is a Sign to return our focus to what we want!Whenever there is a bad feeling or any kind of suffering,it usually stems from focusing on what one does not want.By focusing Consciously Consistently and Intentionally on what one wants at all times and in all situations ones consciously creates the Energy and the Conditions by the Power of the Mind for the Manifestation of What one wants,Ones Ideal outcome.This also leads one to a constant and consistent Experience of Happiness and the achievement of ones Goals Ones Desires Ones Aspirations and Ones Victorious Life in all regards.Now of course the first step is the focusing on and thinking about what one wants in any and all situatoins,then the next step is to take action to that end!For without action the Thought will not have the energy behind it to make it manifest!We also act consistently and Constantly,taking stock of our Results and the effect of our Actions after having taken them.This usually cycles with the Moon Phase,ie Full Moon Signals the Peek of Emotional Experience of Ones Goals Aspirations and Energies,and the New Moon Signals the Peek of the Review Period where one rest and watches and reviews the previous action and access the Effectiveness of the Actions taken.It is then at the New Moon time that one make any adjustments in ones thinking and hence ones acting,Any adjustments to ones thinking and actions,writing these down and making vowls and commitments out loud or quitely to oneself and the Masters with which on is working,to not make these errors again,to learn the Lesson and gain the Golden Nuggets from these Key Lessons the Last Moon Cycle has brought up!We make our vowls and then take the appropriate action,next cycle!In this way we consistently on constantly are focusing on what we want internally and externally in each and every situation,reviewing making adjustments and changing course if required.This way we will be making the highest quickest fasted and most integrated road to the attainment of all our Personal Soul and Spiritual Goals Aspirations and ideals.This way we will be outstriping and out achieving our Original Incarnation plan and creating an entire new one Based on Our Monadic Potential Incarnating into the Earth Plane!Blest be you in this Way,this Day Beloved Friends!

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