Thursday, February 17, 2011

Integrating the 12-144 Soul Extensions in Ones Monad,for Integrated Planetary Ascension

There are 352 Initiations to Achieve Full God Realization at a Cosmic Level.All Souls and all Spirits and all Creation will pass through this Ultimate Portal for Full Cosmic Completion!Thus will end our Cosmic Day and In Breath of Brahman,After this another will start,with a different Theme!Are you begining to sense the Immensity and Profundity of God?There are 7 Levels of Initiation to achieve Liberation form the Wheel of Rebirth and Nine level of Initiation to complete Planetary Ascension.The Tenth Initiation Marks the First Level of Solar Initiation,The Eleventh the First Galactic Initiation and the Twelfth Initiation the First Universal Initiation.TO become a Fully Realized Integrated Melchedizek you must fully Complete your 12 Levels of Initiation.The First Initiation has to do with Mastery of the Physical Body.The 2nd Initiation has to do with Mastery of the Emotional Body.The Third Initiation referred to as Soul Merge and is about the Experience of the Soul and Its Immortality.Now the Initiations Initially reflect the Amount of Light you have in your Auric Field.The Completion of your Initiations is more a sign of your Development in the Spiritual Body but not necessarily the development of your Mental Emotional Etheric or Physical Body!This used to be a More Integrated Process but due to the Mass Ascension Happening on the Planet now,The End of the Mayan Calendar and the Alignment with the Galactic Center the Hunab Ku,Light Workers and Spiritual People have been given a Special Dispensation to Spiritually Complete their First Seven Levels of Initiation ,even though the four lower Vehciles and or Bodies have not necessarily been Integrated.ON taking the 6th Initiation and Merging with your Monad you could call yourself a Spiritual Master but not an Integrated Master,Unless you have Integrated your Initiations into your 4 Body System.To Achieve Liberation from the Wheel of Re Birth,you must have achieved the Beginning of your 7th Initiation.So you can achieve Physical Liberation from the Wheel of Rebirth,however if you don’t integrated these Initiations into your Four Lower Bodies you will have to reincarnate on the Astral or Mental Plane.If you don’t do your Psychological Homework you will not be allowed to pass any more Initiations no matter how much work you do!The 7th Level of Initiation is the “Ring Pass not” for avoiding accountability on the Mental Emotional Physical Level.Now what does it mean to integrate your Initiations into you Four Lower Bodies?To Continue this Discussion,it must be understood that there are three levels to the Spiritual Path:The Spiritual The Psychological and the Physical Earthly Level.All three must be Mastered,Most People are way more developed in their Spiritual Body then they are in their Psychological or Physcial Etheric Bodies!To be developed in your Spiritual Body may mean that you have a High Level of Light Quotient,You may be a Channel for the Masters,You may have enormous amounts of Spiritual Information in your Information Banks.This is great however to become a Fully Realized Integrated Ascended Master you must become a Master of the Psychological Level and the Physical Earthly Level..A Person May haev a Highly Developed Spiritual Body however they may function in life like a Child.Be Run by the Emotional Body Lower Self Desire Inner Child Mental Body Sub Conscious Mind Negative Ego and hence may be filled with all Kinds of Negative Emotions.This is what is called fragmented Ascension and i tell you my friends it is quite rampant!Integrating your 12 Levels of Initiation into your Mental Body means that the Mind becomes a Servant of the GodSelf,that you are the Master of the Mind and not Vis Versa.It means getting Rid of all Negative Ego thoughts and learning to think only with your Melchedizek Christ Buddha Mind and develop a Healthy Balanced Spiritual Philosophy!The Emotional Level of Inegrating your 12 Levels of Initiation deal with the Understadning that your THinking causes your feelings and emotions.All Negative Feelings and EMotions are cause by the Negative Ego Philosophy of Life and all Positive Feelings and emotions are caused by the Melchedizek Christ/Buddha Philosophy of LIfe.When you live in a state of Basic Uncondtional Love,Forgiveness,Non-Judgementalness,Compassion,Joy,Happiness,and Equanimity all the time,No matter what is going on around or outside self you have integrated your Higher Levels of Initiation into your Emotional Body!Your 12 Levels of Initiation get integrated into your Etheric Body or Energy Body when you learn to run very high Light Frequency Spiritual Currents through it at all times,and keep your Energy Body Filled with Love Light and Power.Also to completely repair your Etheric Body,which is the Blueprint Body for the Physical From the Past or Present Life Damage that has occurred to it!Ig you do not repair the Etheric Body it is hard fro the Physical Body to recover from Illness because it is working from a Damaged Blue Print!In Terms of Integrating your Initiations into your Physical Body and Raising its Vibration and Frequency,eating a very refined Physical Diet is important as well as keeping the Physical Body Fit.Breathing Sleeping Well and Regularly Grounding your Spiritual Mission on Earth,Integrity and Alignment between the Super Conscious Conscious and Sub Conscious Mind and Physical Body are also Important!Mastering Sexuality and Mastering Money are also Key factors!Anchoring your Mighty I am Presence into your Earth life are also keys!Loving Earth and Earth Life!Demonstrating Integration on these Three Major Levels is a key to raising the frequency of the physical vehicle!Your thoughts and emotions greatly affect the frequency of your physical Body.By Following these Precepts you will become not only a Spiritual Master,you will also become a Full Fledged Integrated Melchedizek Christ Buddha.Now one last thought,if you thought that once you passed your Seven or Twelve Levels of Initiation and Ascension everything would get easier be aware that in some ways this is true but in other ways the Spiritual Path actually becomes much more Difficult!The Key Lesson here is that in becoming an Integrated Master and Moving into Spiritual Leadership and Planetary World Service which you will eventually you will be tested by God and the Masters Unmercifully.If you are Not an Integrated Melchedizek Christ Buddha on all levels and at all times even under the most extreme Tests and Lessons the Universe will Quickly Show, you this through your Heart Mind Soul and Spirit,so be ever aware and make the required adjustment on any and all levels that you might achieve your Integated Ascension an Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness!


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