Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pushing through Physical Emotional Mental and Spiritual Limits,,through the Power of the Navel and the Solar Fire.

By Pushing First the Physical Sheath,Then In Turn the Emotional Mental and Spiritual Bodies,through Current Limits and Thresholds,First thing in the Morning,One sets the tone and energy for the Day,One Sets a Tone for Mastery and Limitation release through pushing through boundries and Limitations,by going beyond ones Current Ability.This is always the ideal and should ever be applied in all one Does.If one is not pushing boundries and limitations within self and within the World,then one is left in the stagnate waters of the Muddy Marsh,where only Dim and Dull Reflections of the Ultimate Divine Splendour can be seen.To Realize ones Fullest Potential one has to push oneself through current limitations and restrictions.This and every other Heroic Effort is always done through the Power of the Navel and the Solar Fire at the Solar Plexus.This is the Power and Energy Center of the Self and of the World.This Center relates in a Macrocosmic Sense to the Sun and the Solar Force within the Ominverse and Multiverse.It is therefor the Center of Force Power and Light from which all other Terrestial and Extraterrestial Life take their Nourishment Gain there Energy and have there life and light by.This Center has been refered to as the “World Navel” in Mythology and it is said that from there are Born the Heros and Solar Deities.This represents then and teaches us an important lesson abut harnessing the Solar Power within to Author our Most High and Victorious Life on the Earth Plane,And so that we may become the Heroic Solar Deities that it is our Destiny to become,should we choose that particular Path to Sirius.So the Key lesson of this Chakra and Day is to push through all Limitation and Restriction using the Power of both the Activated Solar Navel Force and also the Activated Power of the Mind and its Intelligence.These 2 Forces Mingle and Merge to active the Atomic Power,by which all things are done,This activates and allows us to do all things,that the Mind would concieve,To Expereince all things that the Heart Mind Feel,,It gives us the Full Spectrum Prism Eyes to see the Kingdom to Come and our Part in it,It gives us the Energy of Light and Life to be the Victorious Integrated Ascended Master that it is our Destiny to become!This Solar Force and Active Mind Intelligence will give us the Power to go beyond all limitation and restriction and take us to the Realm of the Immortals,giving us the Power of all the 12 Kingdoms,and the Will to Good and the Will To serve the Law of One.This Power and Force we must use then to serve our Mission and Purpose on Earth,To do the Will of the Divine Creator the Mother Father God and then to serve our Beloved Brothers and Sisters on the Earth Plane and in all Dimensions of Reality.This Force gives us the Power to Perfect ourselves in this Very Life and make us Humble before the Throne of Grace which is every Present,in and through all creation.So this Day be sure to use the Solar Force to overcome all Limitation and Restriction on a Physical Emotional Mental and Spiritual Level!Push through until you get to the Highest you,on every line,in every state,in every world and every dimension!Use the Solar Power to Bring through the Integrated Ascended Master and Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness on to the Earth Plane!Namaste Dear Friends!

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