Saturday, August 4, 2012

7th Ray Day

Sunday(The Suns Day)Is esoterically related to the 7th Ray of transformation and Victory Ceremonial Order and Magic and the Crown Chakra.The colour Violet and the Ascended Master Saint Germain and the 7th Ray ashram of the Christ!We ask and call forth in our morning Amrit Vela meditation to be Bi located to this ashram all day,we ask to be over lighted and personally trained and guide by The 7ray Lord,and we ask that all out earthly endevours extend the Victorious Ordered magical emendations of the 7th Ray of God.We re attune and do these meditation activation/prayer request 3 times today!

Psychologically we focus on being Ordered magical and victorious in all our endevours.We live life in correct order,keeping our ideal program going,We focus our attention in the crown and being merged with the monad and mighty I am presence.We persist until victory is achieved in our revealed goals missions and I objectives for the day.We author our personal victory by our dilligent disciplined effort every day and hence externalize the masters victory over Te dark forces of Glamour Maya and Illusion!

On a physical level we should fast on Sunday's meditate as much as possible and just feel our Attunment and alignment to the Planetary Solar Galactic and Universal/Cosmic Spiritual hierarchy.We should continue finishing anything for the week and make all earthly preparations for the following week so we can be totally successfully at all we are aspiring to!Cleaning washing Bills anything left undone should be done on Sunday so we can have a totally successful victorious Week!This is the way of the 7th ray day!

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