Friday, August 3, 2012

"The 6th Ray Day!"

Saturday(Saturn Day)Relates to the 6th chakra,spiritual vision the 3rd eye,spiritual perception and the senses.Also this relates to the mind and thinking correctly,for how one perceives what comes through the senses is ultimately channeled through the mind and ones proper use or lack thereof.How we think interprets out reality so if we learn to think at all times with our christ mind instead of our negative ego mind,our senses will interpret the input in a similar manner.Reality is simply a matter of interpretation!So if we can interpret reality correctly as God and the masters and our own higher self would have us interpret reality we can be said to be seeing clearly.We are currently in the Aryan Age which is developing the collective Mental Body.this being the case we can see feel intuite and experience how important the mind is!

Saturday we focus on a physical level on seeing all matter as being an expression and extension of Gods physical body!We also focus on seeing all our brothers and sisters as extensions of God/Godess!We do the same for all the animal plants rocks elements Space Sun everything is an extension of Gods cosmic body!we may also consider any cleansing practices relating to the eyes,ie netti Basti or kapalbatti or Tratakka.

On a spiritual level we ask to be bi located to Sanandas 6th Ray ashram of devotion and idealism.We attune to Master Sananada in our meditations and in our earthly service work.We devote ourselves to our brothers and sisters as if they where extensions of the great master himself!We ask and call forth for the higher octave reality of the 6th chakra and 6th Ray to be grounded through our 3 minds and 4 bodies so that we may perfectly demonstrate Gods Vision on earth!

On a psychological level we again focus on seeing all as extension of God/Godess and the Masters.We focus on seeing everything as a lesson and a test to see correctly with Christ eyes through the eyes of Love unconditional and forgiveness.We focus on seeing everyone as equal despite appearance.We focus on seeing all matter as extension of God/Godess cosmic Physical body!In short we focus on developing right perception!

May the lord of the World and the Holy Hosts of Heaven overnight and guide us today in all our earthly service work and activities.May the company of heaven help us see correctly and interpret reality correctly as God would have us see it!We thank thee eternally and accept this as done now!Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish,Asonai Sabayoth,Holy Holy is the Lord God of Hosts!

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