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GoldRing Astrology Update April, 2012

GoldRing Astrology Update
April, 2012

The most important message is how these cosmic energies are connecting into your life in the present movements. This question is the point of beginning where your life and the creational mix of timelines of collective sentient imagination begins and follows the larger collective course of cosmic consciousness. Through the information that follows inner messages of a telepathic and empathic variety will filter into knowledge for your evolutionary alignment and passage into higher sentience. The power of momentum towards revolutionary transformation in being drawn forth and brought to awareness so in each step and statement are the simple points of connecting to the first ray cosmic collective Will to Good.

The simplicity of knowledge is written in historical analysis and expectancy through the the era of April 2012 to the Solstice of 2012. These time periods are establishing transformation and are effectively the initiatory points to enact course alignment and velocity. Your specific omnipresence acts as a magnetic beacon for the law of attraction to provide faster and more potent manifestations.

There are some points of consciousness which are coming forth quickly into awareness. Major advances in technology, in fact the advances will continue to initiate global information coherence. There will be the re-energizing of humanistic movement and the empowerment to the initiators of these movements to become aggressively active. Expect that many will attempt to obtain larger roles as demigods and or false saviors as the world will move towards seeking the original question of purpose in times of chaos and transformation. The measure of accuracy of divine intent will be noted by the level of confidence, achievement, sacrifice, and serve the leaders of these tribal, youth, political, educational, religious, humanistic, spiritual movements as the actions will be prone towards total destruction and reconstruction.

As the revolutionary power of the Pluto Uranus Square goes into action (which was described in more detail in the last newsletter), individuals based upon the date of birth will be affected in powerful ways. In general if your sun sign is in the early degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra or if you have significant planetary alignments with them, there has been a very strong need to transform you life. The ride for the planet is demanding a cleansing reconstruction of the entire reality.

Primary Influences per sign

Aries/Libra: Uranus is empowering radical, innovative and revolutionary change through Pluto in Capricorn demanding resource management and Purposeful Dedication. The change of directions are being understood through relationships as cooperation and competition become a feature of life whether fighting or working in personal or larger social causes. Mars in Virgo going direct is allowing forward productive motion after educational and development work for the past six months.

Taurus/Scorpio: Jupiter in Taurus means new Creative Opportunities are being found and explored as Pluto in Capricorn assists in the proper management of renewing resources. Obstacles are properly understood and optimism is primary. The Scorpionic emotional intensity underlying Taurus is feeling the reformational opportunities.

Gemini/Sagittarius: Pluto requires adjusting to realities of very serious beliefs as Neptune and Chiron affect the natural superficiality of Gemini. The time as is accentuated by the solar crossings will tend to bring impossible awakenings and questions into the mental fields. Mercury will be moving extremely fast through the sign as Venus begins to slow. This will allow the Gemini to begin to Awaken Truth as it represents the logical mind dealing with facts and realities. The Stars Aldeberan and Antares operate in these signs and are activating with the transit forward of Pluto and Uranus.

Cancer/Capricorn: Those with planets in this region are feeling a very direct double effect both stellar energies and planetary energies. Pluto opposes those with birth days just after the solstices. These natives are being awakened by Sirius and Vega as Pluto and Uranus will Engage the Technology to move into physical/spiritual manifestations. World population is affected through Cancer as it is the energy of life and relates to food creation and nutrition.

Leo/Aquarius: With Leo adjustment is necessary again to release the old dramas and stories of the media. The King is seeing collective Aquarian wisdom as the greatest wealth in the Kingdom and there are New Ideas through a trine with Uranus. There is vision now for the Leo as the brightness of Regulus is moving into Virgo which brings about humility and the ability to see detail with clarity.

Virgo/Pisces: Neptune, Chiron, the star Regulus have entered these signs energizes for the overall whole pattern shift. With the Pluto trine of transfiguration and the powerful transformative pair of Neptune and Chiron uncovering every ailment ever known to exist, this level of awakening shows a dramatic shift in medical and practical technologies. Virgo’s attention to detail in practical proven methods follows the paradigmatic process of health through pure sanctified behaviors, attitudes and ingredients to Bring about Homeostasis.

The sacred energies grow as personal responsibility becomes more apparent. The stellar alignments are cosmic energetic releases points of divine revelation for our solar system.

This planetary energetic awakening involves cosmic kundalini movement as has been presented which is impacting the planetary light body. Intense, coherent, supportive energy deriving through releasing deep resources stored and managed within the deeper accesses of universal consciousness. Energetic releases are enhancing talents, abilities, feelings on global, collective and universal levels. Through expressing and channeling higher energies the acceleration of consciousness bring dreams to greater and to higher service. The necessary steps for those who walk upon a spiritual path is to find spiritual dedication and to love with all encompassing joy.

The loves that walk with us in this world are building through exchanging realities and knowing truth where spirit guides our soul to experience the essence of everything. In finding another being to love and in these moments to love very deeply there is the knowing of, rather than unconditional, All Encompassing Love which opens your heart deeper. In finding the knowing within of love it is to be shared and acknowledged easily and freely as this is the doorway into the trust necessary to have confidence to become the light.

Astrological analysis of the current energies holds a perspective to see each particular and focus on its measure and structure to the universal. What is known and visible even beyond our solar system holds importance as with the changing alignments of the central sun.

One particular point of interest is the Star, Regulas. On April 15, it will move into Virgo. From a interview of John J. Oliver he revealed through his research that for the first time since 157 BC Regulas has been within Leo and know on April 15th it moves to Virgo for 2,100 years. (note: there are discrepancies on the date of this depending on what astrological program is used ie sloar fire shows it already occurred in Nov of 2011 however there are indications that this months date is more accurate) The Lion is masculine and strength, the patriarchy. The march of the patriarchy and church began in the foundations of this history. It is also the Card or Sign of the Emperor. In moving into Virgo, which of course means the Virgin it is the urge to purify the light body. Regulas is a masculine star, that is very fortunate acting in accord with Jupiter and Mars. The Star is transiting into a feminine sign to be purified and balanced energetically. When the star of the ancient religious and fixed patriarchal orders move into Virgo the switch will be initiated.

This will be significant as Pluto in Capricorn is relentlessly dismantling all aged and antiquated structures through corruption, destruction and renewal of the existing infrastructures. With the Uranian Energies in Aries initiating a square to Pluto for the next four years there will be a break point and a last gasp where humanity through freedom and power loving Aries is collectively excited through Uranus and building a sense change. The patriarchy is primarily unconsciousness and reactive and unable to move into the new era. This new era finds its borders in consciousness connected within technological spirituality will meet as one and will have a higher light planet.

In the GoldRing DVD 23 Illuminations created 5 years ago, I discussed the situation of the various political, technological and religious changes that would occur. See here for the transcript Below are excerpts from the GoldRing applicable to the changes with Regulus going into Virgo.

DVD22 Children of Terra - Path of Wayshowers
In this Ascension you leave the various sensations that attract and separate realities to become neutral and alive in blissful joy of enlightenment. At the Solar conjunction of Regulus a new seed is being planted within humanity. This is the seed of the new humanity in the Galactic cycle bringing ethical and tribal unity. The energy that comes forth through the highest point of Leo attunes the Emerald Heart of the Lion and the golden purity of honor. Leo holds and commands the emerald magenta tonal frequency of pure electromagnetic balance and harmony of the Fourth Ray through the harmonic entrainment with the Second Ray influence of the Sun and Jupiter. It is the Fourth Ray of harmony through conflict that is finding balance as the energies of purification come to energize the Leonian point of the fixed cross. In the summer Antares and the Scorpion guide humanity through the mysteries to the Galactic Center. Awakening within the sub-conscious or the southern hemisphere is the reversal of polarity and the increase of the power of will, wisdom and intelligent activity rises in the Third World. Strength and fortitude in the lion’s breath roars from his mouth to make the eagle shake and fly in the knowledge - the king is awakened.

The Eagle’s wing is weakened and the Eagle is molting which leaves his body vulnerable to attack. The Lion protects the white eagle from the serpent and the primates who are poised to kill in cold blood and revenge. The noble lion leads the pride in the power and honor of the Emerald Heart of Regulus. This is why through the recognition of unconditional love and celestial wisdom the Emerald heart of Regulus comes to be heard above the little wills of men who seek their egos bidding. From the point in time upon the shining forth of the Emerald Light that comes with the conjunction of the star of Regulus there is the Heart opening and the Wayshowers are called into action.

DVD 33 Enlightened Within, Transforming Fire
The three great families of this universe are connected to other universes. The families exist in many galaxies with some stronger in places than others. In Andromeda it is the Family of Love and they express the feminine soul that seeks to bring to life power for the Wayshowers. Your families are interconnected in this manner. They send the bright energy of love so that all can be followed through the Arcturian doorway which reflects to the four master races of beings who speak for you from the four gateways. With the Pole Stars of Vega and the Southern Cross, the galactic doorway of Arcturus and the Sirian and Pleiadian portals are in connection in direct alignment with the central race beyond our galaxy. The Family of Power is centered through the Triangulum system and the energy streams into the Milky Way of the Family of Dark through the stars systems of Orion, Draco, Perseus, and Ursa Minor. This is our local group of 30 galaxies and we share a common center of gravity. We are all connected. In this part of the universe all are following the path of the great attractor. Andromeda is the largest member of our greater family and shines twice as bright as the Milky Way. It is the home of the Family of Love and the Milky Way is the home of the Family of Light.

When your mind opens to thoughts on this level you are appropriately given new energy to comprehend what is being brought into consciousness. There is a field that expands as you allow yourself to release personal judgment and become centered in the more elevated and expanded levels of mind. The heart of the Andromeda galaxy is guiding the development of all the families. The Triangulum group and the Milky Way group are in alignment following the stream and the course set by Andromeda. It is our focus to stay in the stream and to bring the centering light that allows the flow through the Milky Way as the powers of creation come from the first form of attraction.

The genius of being is the ideas that are generated from love’s desire for manifestation. The wanting and asking for greater expansion comes from love and is provided by the perfect design of Andromeda. It is through Triangulum that the power center, the force of the stream, is commanded and the time lords of this family of the universe are directed. The masters of power work through the smaller galaxies into the stars of the intensity that lay in powerful arrays of interconnected and powerful grids throughout the Milky Way. In the same manner the higher souls of manifestation of the Family of Light work through stars of the other galaxies and share their balance, understanding, and wisdom in the evolving beings with these other galaxies.

There is a correspondence between all that exists. The focus of your being that you feel are the energies that come manifested on these levels that move through the stars of Regulus, Formuluat, Alderbran, and Antares. The great Family of All Souls follows the course of the Divine Plan that was made before existence became expressed into the trinity of dark, light, and love. There is in all things evolutionary freedom to transform and to become a higher order of being. In the absolute there is oneness, bliss,
and joy. All that is combines within.

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