Thursday, March 24, 2011

5th Ray Day with Master Hillarion and the New World Bridgers and Builders.New Age churches New Age Merkabahs and Vehciles of Light.

Todays lesson and Vibrational Alignment attunement is to the 5th Ray ashram of the Christ Under and with Ascended Master Hillarion.Hillarion and the 5th Ray Personalities Souls and Monads deal with Direct and are a part of the Building of the New World Systems,New Age New World Churches and New World Communities.This Ray and Office has a strong focus on the Mental Attunement and focusing attention on Goals Ideals and Brining them forth into the 5th Dimensional Physical Sphere of reality.Hillarion directs world servers to build the New Age Systems through building group bodies devoted to service in a particular neich area of service.We can see this for example in the way Group Servers get together to serve the group body in creating a Product and or service around a particular area say for example Surfing and all requirements needed for the Maintaining and Sustaining of the Surfing Lifestyle Ie producing Surfboards Wetsuits and Related Clothing.This Service offers both a Means to support the Community Provide Financial and Energetic Emotional Physical and Physical Support to the Community and group of Surfers.This Example applies also to all other systems,eg Energy Healers,Artists,Musicians,Mechanics,Spiritual Groups and Organizations,Personal Growth Groups Esoteric Study Groups Painters etc add infinitum.This is the Higher Level expression of the 1st and 3rd ray and Includes Group Consciousness and Greater Group Sharing.It very much connected to Higher Group Body Attunement and Alignment and is brining forth the New Energies of the New Earth through the New Foundational Systems,that bring essentially Enlightened Systems of Transformation to all Incarnated Soul Extension upon this Local Planetary System.These are all ultimately Under the Direction and Ensouling Overlighting Presence of the Planetary Logi Lord Buddha.All Hierarchical New Age Energy Systems of transformation will have embody and experience the Inner Peace and Sanctity that the Buddha/Christ/Krishna Consciousness demonstrates.The essence and core level of all relational experiencial systems will have a direct access to the Consciousness of the Buddhas of Activity which are connected with the Evolution of this World System.The Builders of these New Externalizing World Systems under the Direction of Master Hillarion are Building the Very Real and Tangable Ships of Light on an Earthly Level.The New World Systems are a Part of grounding of the higher Dimensional Consciousness existing above the 5th Dimension but exist within and to the 5th Dimensional Earth Grid.We officially ask and request for a 4 Body System 3 Mind alignment to these externalizing systems for the purpose of Illumination and Revelation of the Plan Grid and Purpose of the 5th Ray Ashram of the Christ and we ask for full group body alignment to the Energies and this Externalization.The thank thee and accept this as done now!

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