Thursday, March 31, 2011

5th Ray of Healing Words and Thoughts

5th. Ray of Truth, Healing and Vision.
Life Lesson :– “ To Sustain a Vision of Wholeness for All.” The energy of the 5th. Ray :–
–allows you to access the power of inner vision to perceive the reality of a situation.
–gives you the ability to focus, to put your attention upon what you want to become, or to create.
–gives you the ability to exercise your spiritual vision by seeing the Good (God ) in all, in friend and foe alike.
The energy of the 5th. Ray can be mastered as you learn to use the energy of the Third- Eye Chakra correctly:–
–by focusing your inner vision on the Divine Plan so you achieve clarity and creative insight.
–by honouring the creative genius and insights that come to yourself and others.
–by recognizing that what you put your attention upon, you will become.
–by striving to recognize and overcome the mind-sets of the world, and see as God sees.
–by letting the Third- Eye Chakra be the open door for the expression of Divine love as God truth.
–by letting the Third-Eye Chakra radiate the healing Vision that will awaken all life to the Living Truth.
“ My third-eye chakra is balanced. “
“ My third-eye chakra now radiates the healing vision that awakens all life to the Living Truth. “
“ I use the power of my third-eye chakra correctly. “
“ My third- eye is a centre of Violet Fire ! My third-eye is the purity God desires ! “
“ I release all disqualified energy of my third-eye chakra into the Violet transmuting Flame—NOW ! “
“ My third-eye chakra is the open door for the expression of Divine Love as God Truth. “
Positive Qualities of the 5th. Ray.
–truth –vision –healing –wholeness –clarity
–music –science
– constancy
–holding the highest vision for self and others.
Unbalanced Expressions of the 5th. Ray.
—falsehood –lack of vision
–spiritual impoverishment
—inconstancy — lack of clarity — mental citicism
–Everything in the material universe is made from one basic substance ==Light/energy.
–behind all imperfect appearances is the Ma-ter light, the Mother Light. This light can be envisioned as tiny particles or strings that vibrate at very high speed.
When you are confronted with an imperfect appearance, whether in your own life, your own physical body, or in your society or on the planet as a whole—you can make a decision that you will not accept it as real or permanent.
See beyond it and see the vibrating particles of the Ma-ter Light. Use your attention to see beyond the outer appearance and see the perfect vision of Christ instead of the outer appearance.
–Whatever you focus your attention upon, you will magnify through the power of the light in you. So, if you focus your attention on an imperfect appearance, especially if you accept it as real and permanent, you will actually reinforce that condition.
–You need to consciously take the power of your attention and vision and use it to focus a more perfect vision, the most perfect vision you can imagine and affirm that vision as real and permanent.
–At the beginning of the spiritual path, you need to be constant because you have work to do—the transmutation of your karma.
–Over the years and your previous lifetimes , you have made negative karma and created habits and momentums which keep your energy tied up.
–To free your energy, so that you can pursue your purpose, your divine plan, you need to transmute your past. This can be done by daily giving the Violet Flame decrees or the Aquarian Age Rosaries, in order to transmute your karma.

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