Sunday, April 3, 2011

The First Kingdom of God!The Mineral Kingdom!

The First Great Kingdom of God,The Mineral Kingdom,is the Kingdom and Realm we attune to Spiritually In a Psychological Sense and in a Physical Earthly Sense.The Foundation of all Terrestial and Extra Terrestial Life(Malkuth,in the Kabbalah) are the Grounds from which all Life Evolves.The Mineral Kingdom is the Foundation for the Waters of Life at a planetary Level to flow Upon,They are the Sacred Ground from which all Animal Plants and Beings came from,From the Emergence of the Water Creatures,The Great Many Sea Creatures Sea Monsters and Sea Beings(5th Dimensions and Beyond)Including the Nepbulous and Neptunian Realms and Kingdoms of Gods Watery Realms,all these are built upon the Mineral Kingdom.All Hu Mans,All Gods of Consciousness and Higher Dimensional Gods who are built upon and have their Being through the Hu Man Kingdom,All the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas Built out of and have their Initial Enlightenment on the Mineral Kingdom on the Earth Plane,They all wake up and have their Realization and Enlightenment on the Earth,All Devas,All the Earth Elementals from Lord Pan to all the Earth being Gnomes Fairies Sylphes Salamanders Air and Water Spirits the Undines all have their Life Stream Upon the Mineral Kingdom!Even the Ascended Masters who it is our Destiny to become have their many life times and qualification and Probabtion on the Earth Plane,All of them Serve upon the Mineral Kingdom and the Kingdoms of God that they are building in this World and in all others Worlds are built on a 1st Dimensional Kingdom the Mineral Kingdom of God!We can see then how important and significant this great Kingdom is and how it serves such a valuable Service to all other kingdoms,In truth we cannot grow and or evolve if it was not for the steadfast continuous and Constant work of the Mineral Kingdom.This Kingdom Rules the Sphers of Capricorn Virgo and Taurus and thus our Integration and Demonstration of these SPhere will be a Keynote FOcus for monday.Structure FOundation Discipline the Notes of Capricorn,Perfection Order Sanctity and Humility the Keynotes of Virgo and Grounded Sensuality Sensibility Foundation Harmony and Attraction the Key Notes of Taurus should be brought forward in our Consciousness first then into our Spiritual Self then into our Earthly Life.This way we integrate the Higher Octave the the Trinity Earth Spheres of Light and Life through these Higher Archetypes.Demonstration of these Ideals are a key focus on Monday!Each day we work with 3 Astrological Signs and the Integration of their Qualities!So in attuning to and aligning with the Mineral Kingdom of God in all we do today we will develop a good grounding and foundation in the earth,We will more consciously develop Proper Grounding of our SPiritual Mission on Earth and thus be more able to exact service to our Self Our God and our Brothers and Sisters in all the Other Kingdoms!By Wearing Minerals and Stones,By Using Stones for Healing we can demosntrate our Earthly Attunement to that Kingdom.By attuning in our Spiritual Body to the Cosmic Mineral Kingdom we attune our Spiritual Body to that Kingdom and by thinking about and aligning ourselves with the Consciousness of the Mineral Kingdom we develop the Psychology of the Mineral Kingdom!Thus we integrate the Mineral Kingdom into our 3 Minds and 4 Bodies more fully and more Perfectly!Let this be your way today!Namaste!

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