Sunday, April 10, 2011

Aries,The First House of the Solar God Self

Aries the First House in the 12 Sidereal Astrological System,Governs Fire the Cardinal Energy Masculine Force the Planet Mars it Rules the Head Ears Mouth Tongue Eyes Brain and the Cerebrum Face Upper Jaw Carotid Arteries.The Glyph of Aries is represented by the Rams horns Symbolising Action the Spirit of Movement and a Sprouting Initiating Energy that comes at the dawn of Spring in our Seasonal cycle.Astronomically Aries is a faint Constellation with its brightest stars Hamal and Shartan making up the Rams Head.Discovered in Aries in 2003 in the star teergarden one of our own suns closest neighbours at only 12 light years away.In both the Northern and Southern hemispheres,Aries is best seen at Mid Night in the Mid Heaven when the Sun in Libra during september and October.The Theme and Quality of Aries is associated with of course the Begining of the Zodiac Year and a New Solar Cycle.Aries is a Seed Potential about to Burst open through the impulse to Incarnate.Aries represents the Original Energy that springs from the Primordial Waters of Pisces.Symbolized and associated or incarnated on the Earth Plane as the “Breaking the Waters” that occues at every soul extensions physical birth into the earthly dimension of incarnation.Through Aries one begins the Fight for Survival.Aries energy is therefor immediate and raw,full of Fire and Passion.In a Lower Sense it can be some what fallen conflictual and unnecesary.Aries symbolizes dawn and emergence beginings and new Projects as well as enthusiasm.Aries prefers to remain uncluttered by the past and emotionally untied.Aries represents the desire for adventure be it physical spiritually or intellectually.Aries is concerned with “Me” where as Libra( Aries Opposite Sign ) is concerned with “We”. Aries can be said to incarnate the qualities of Quick Initiating Pioneering Eager Couragous Competitive Independent Warrior energy,it is freedom loving impulsive assertive Fiery Impatient and selfish.There are of course the higher and lowers aspects and one should discern the Lower Octave of the Aryan Energy which relates to Satan the Rams head,or the Higher Octave which relates to the Christed Warrior of Light,The Rainbow Warriors of the Legion of Light Warriors who fight with and for Archangel Michael and the Army of God/Godess!
Mars the Ruling Planet and God,that rules and directs Aries is the Circle and the 180 Degree Arrow pointing up representing Will Masculine Direction and taking action,Combined they represent the primal energy of spirit being directed and focused.Astronomically Mars in the night Sky Appears Red in Colour Due to the Iron oxide found on its surface,appropriately named after the God of War Ares(Greek) or Mars(Roman) the planet has always been associated with Fighting War Blood Rulerships and action at a Planetary Level this has seen the many many wars which have been an expression of this energy.In a higher Octave Sense this energy is more about fighting the Lower forces of Illusion Fear and Seperation,being a Spiritual Warrior in fighting evil and the Lower Self and being victorious in Gods Higher Light,so that the Lower Forces cannot advance on the Planet.Every spiritual Person must learn to use this energy appropriately and learn to master the lower self within and then help over come the lower self in the world.Mars appears in the Ecliptic Plane of the Sky from the Earths perspective and can be found as the bright Red star in the Sky.Mars experiences regular Violent Dust Storms and has Polar Ice Caps of Carbon Dioxide.Features on Mars include and enormous Volcano 550km high(Olympus Mons) and the Valley is Marineris,a system of Canyons 7km deep strectching 4000km!
Energetically and Archetypically Mars energy is sudden forceful action orientated impulsive energetic and physical.Mars energy is Hot and Dry Energy Outward moving and Focused!Mars represents the inner and Outer Warrior,what we fight for and how we assert ourselves to get what we want.The Principal action and traits of Mars are Sexuality Athleticism Drive Ambition Force Action Vital Energy Desire and assertion.Mars indicates how and where we experience conflict and agreesion as well as the way in which we express our physical action and physical selves!As the Ruler of Primal Action energy Initial Impulses Adrenalin and the Fight or Flight Instinct.
Astrologically Mars takes under two years to move once around an astrological chart and has a retrograde period once every two years for about 11 weeks.The First Mars Return is at two years old when the toddler begins asstering themselves through the “terrible twos.”
Higher Traits:Positively competition within self,Courage and Couragousness,Daring Dashing Sexuality,Chivilous Strong Active Vigerous Assertive and action orientated. Lower Traits:Angry Fierce Dominant Violent Agressive Rageful Forceful and Impulsive.
Mars Rules Monday Oron Surgery Tools Weapons the Armed Forces Violence Men Accidents and Wounds.In the Body Mars rules Arteries Blood Inflamation Adrenal Glands Muscles Energy Levels Cuts Fractures Burning Fevers.Mars also rules the Personality Identity Name Appearance First Impressions and Beginings.Mars and Aries also rules the general state of affairs in any given institution House Community State Nation and Planet.They Rule the General Overall state of things.Also Flag and Anthem,Mars also rules offensive acts and trade in the Military Affairs.This House also rules the “Favoured Party” in any given situation or circumstance as it where.

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