Monday, April 4, 2011

The 2nd Great Kingdom of God!The Plant Kingdom!

The Plant Kingdom,The 2nd Great Kingdom of God is a Very Etheric Kingdom quite refined and Elevated.Looking to the Trees as the Russel in the Breeze one can easily become aware of Cosmic Consciousness.Plants hold a pure Vibration,they take their Energy from the Air Sun Earth and Water Elements as well as the Akasha Element in Space.They are in one sense perfect Yogis,and as we move into 5th Dimensional Consciousness and beyond many great Yogis will take to studying and learning from the Great Spirit of Plants and trees.We can already see through Plants Like Auyhascha and other plants that the External Plants that we see are just and outer forming for the Soul and Spirit of the Plant.Plants have vast Spirits even as the Human Kingdom does.Plants serve in a number of ways from basic to complex,from providing air through their leaves to actually acting and holding healing vibrations for the Human Realm.Plants are Intelligent and alive receiving their Comsic Vibration from the Earth and stars above.They are the most Pure source of Food and energy at a Physical Level and therefor Human would be best to take to a Plant Diet as God originally intended.Plants are full of life and prana as well as spirit and thus nourish the Human Body Mind Soul and Spirit well.Plants provide the Elements for Auroms and auroma therapy,Healing Medicines,They Provide Much Beuty and Harmony of the Planet as they hold and demonstrate the 4th Initiation and 4th Ray of Harmony and Beuty.They hold such a balanced and beutiful vibration that if it was not for them,the planet would surely be a much more lonely and less beutiful place!The Plant Kingdom has had to bear most of the Brunt of the Fall of Man,Experienced in the Human Kingdom,in the Vast Desolation of their Native Forests and Old Growth Forests,In the Destruction of their Beings by so many careless Humans,They have had to take so much damage,that the traditional Owners and Caretakers of these Beings,The Plant Elementals and Plant Spirits have had to leave.It is time for the Human Kingdom to make every one of these wrongs right,by making a Planetary Effort to first Apologize to the Spirit of the Plants all Plants and take every effort now to build a harmonious relatinship with them.Welcoming back the Devas and Elementals and working in harmony with them not in total opposition Ignorance and destruction of them!The Human Kingdom has much work to do to make the Harmonious Relationship with spirit once again!If this is not done then again the Aryan Race will have to fall from Existance and be returned to its origins in the Sea that another round of evolution can begin in the Paradise Sons Race.This can be avoided by Leaning the Lessons of previous Root Races,ie Atlantis and finally come in to Harmony with the Universal Law of God at a Planetary Level and create peace Oneness and Unity with all life every where and to make again the Earth and heavenly place to be for all beings!We are at the dawn of this but as you have begun to intuite from this brief Blog the Enormity of the Work that Needs to be Done!There is much to do and we must be the ones to do it!S dear friends make every effort today to attune to the SPirit of the Plant kingdom,and then work at integrating this into your Life and take every action to repair any damage done to this kingdom!Be Prepared to Fight for what is right,Take up the Mantle of Being a Fearless Spiritual Warrior in life so you can be one of the Rainbow Warriors of Life who fight for the Mother Earth and the Protection of her Perfect Sanctity!Be a Warrior who fights for Mother Earth The Mineral Plant and Animal Kingdom!be your Brothers Keeper not only in the Human Kingdom but the 3 Lower Worlds as well!It is only in this way can you rise to the level of the 5th Sphere in becoming an Ascended Master and Planetary World Server by actually demonstrating real service to the World and all the many being within and upon it!I leave you now with a quote from Sri Krishna(Lord Maitreya)that is totally appropriate to our Current Collective situation!”Get up and give up this unmanliness and get up and Fight!”


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