Monday, April 18, 2011

Sagittarius,The 9th House of the Solar God Self!

Sagittarius,The Mutable(Changable) Masculine Fire Sign is Ruled By Jupiter the Great God of Knowledge Expansion and Benediction,the Sign of the Archer,Half Man Half Hose Wild Instinctual Yet Divine and Fully Incarnated uses all energy of the Spirit Soul and Personality to push Life towards the Great Spirit Adventure of Life,Pointing the Way to the Center of the the Galaxy the Hunab Ku,the Central Sun and the Most High Fun Run in the One Son as it were......In the Body The Solar House of Sagittarius rules the Hips Things Femur Sacrum Cocccyx Sciatic Nerves and those parts of self that promote and govern our movement forward!
Sagittarius is represented Astrologically and Symbolically by the Arrow of the Archer pointing to the Galactic Center,representing outur Aiming for a Great Goal and the Projection and Direction of Spirit in Matter and the Self into the World!
Sagittarius is difficult to decipher in the Night Sky as a constellation as it looks like a teapot!The Brightest star in Sagitarius is Kaus Australia!We see then the Rulership and Incarnation of the Sagittarian Archetype here in Australia!The Archetype has made it self quite prominent in this Land i am sure you will agree,by considering the many adventurous and Spirited Young People we often see and sometimes here around the place!(Thinking Fast Cars pushing on and “Pumping it” so to speak.)Sagittarius is in the broadest part of the Milky Way and near its Center and is a treasure trove of Globular Clusters and Nebulae such as the Enormous M22,the Incredible Lagoon Nebula (M8) and the Trifid Nebula M20.The Galactic Center is also found in this Sign at 26 Degrees.In both Northern and Southern Hemispheres,Sagittarius is best seen at Midnight in the Midheaven when the Sun is in Gemini during May and June.So we can get a sense of the Vastness of this Great Center and its enormous Impact it has on our Own Earth Life Spiritual Life and Consciousness.It is the Galactic Centre and the force which pushes us to that Great Center which is our Ultimate Galactic Destiny!
Theme and Quality of Sagittarius is about stepping out of the Bounds and Limits of Deep inner Emotional Exploration with a sense of freedom and to make sense and take action on what Scorpio has transformed for us.We then take action to the Energy that Scorpio has provided through its Deep Inner Transformation!The Hero of the Preceding Fire Sings Aries and Leo is now mature direct and forthright and acts accordingly and directly!Sagittarius seeks an intense fun filled life experience with a total involvement adventure and thirst for exploration if inner and outer space.It is the True sign of the Adventurer.Sagittarius can tend towards excessiveness and Hedonism when used by the Negative Ego.The Wildness and Freedom of this spirited sign are represented by half man half centaur.This can be like the more wild side of Chiron,where as Chiron is the Humble Gentle Centaur Sagittarius can be the Wild not so gentle Centaur.This can be good as it allows one to get a lot done and take real action in the World.Sagittarius can be full of Revelations and is the Ideal Philosopher in a Higher Sense,can be a relate to the Teacher Archetype the Guru Master or in a lower sense a Fanatical Know it all.Sagittarius Leaps towards the Future seeking Word Wide Travel that is as far away as possible from the Neighbourhood of Youth and what was learnt there through the opposite sign of Gemini.Those born under the Sign of Sagittarius would do well to travel to another country each year once at least and to take regular travel as it really energizes them and they are in their own and element when travelling like this.The Classical Sagittarius person we can recognize as Straightforward Philosophical Expansive Optimistic Intelligent Honest Free Open Minded Enthuthiastic in a Postive Spirited Ethical Wise Philosophical and Firey Way!When the Negative Ego interprets this Solar Energy we get self Indulgence Dogmatic Tactless Brunt and Brute Excssive Force and Action Opinionated Insensitive Lustful Extravagent Naive and In-ethical.

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