Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cancer,The 4th House of the Solar God Self!

Cancer the Sensitive and Safe Crab is a Greater Water Body its quality is Cardinal feminine in Nature and Rules the Moon at a Planetary Level,In the Human Physical Body it rules governs and Externalizes as the Breasts stomach Water Element and any part of body that relates to nurturing.The Glyph of Cancer is made up of two cresents and two circles looking like a 6 and 9 on its side.(If 6 was 9)(Jimi Hendrix)This symbolizes a tough hardened shell protecting a vulnerable centre.Cancer is a Faint Constellation at the Foot of the Great Orion.(In mythology Hercules(Orion) was bitten by the Crab when he was fighting Hydra,he then quickly stepped on the Crab crushing it easily.(this represents our Heroic Self needing to step on the Crab to author our Heroic Victorious Battle with the Monsters of the Deep Unconscious Waters)The Brightest star in Cancer is Acubens one of the Crabs claws.The Main feature of Cancer is an Open Star Cluster called the Beehive(Prasepe)consisting of over 200 stars.In both the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres.Cancer is best seen at Midnight in the Midheaven when the sun is in Capricorn in December and January.
Theme and Quality:Cancer is the Fourth Zodiac Sign and represents where and how we create security after the restlessness of Gemini.Cancer represents the urge to withdraw into our feeling space and to seek comfort through what is familiar and known.For Cancer Security comes through emotional bonds family and loved ones.Cancer is associated with home stability tradition and our past.Cancer represents the principal of mother and unconditional love nurturing and being nurtured and unconscious memory.Cancer holds onto its own and has the capacity to manipulate and not let go especially emotionally.Cancer does not like exposure because it feels vulnerable to outside influences and therefor guards and protects family and loved ones.Cancer represents ones Private Life where as Capricorn,Cancers Opposite Sign represents ones place in Society.Protective Sensitive Family Oriented Security Conscious Moody emotional homey and careful are traits of Cancer Natives.(Interesting note,that the Modern "Dis Ease" "Cancer" often stems from Long terms effects of not allowing oneself to experience the Higher Aspect of Cancer,in resting in ones Safe and Secure Center,ie being exposed to long to Sun,Or suffering unnessecary Mental States as in Brain Cancer.So all Souls would do well to expose themselves regularly and daily to the Solar Emenations of the House of Cancer in its Higher Octave so as to not fall to the Ill aspect of Cancer!

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