Sunday, April 17, 2011

Virgo,The 6th House of the Solar God Self!

Virgo and the 6th House are Ruled by The Earth Element Mutable Earth signs Feminine in Quality Ruled by Mercury Governs the Digestive System Intestines Bowels and the Psycho Spiritual Process of Digestion and Ingestion of Elements Spirit and Matter.The Processing of Information.Integration of Life force Energy basically.
Virgo Glyph Astrologically is represented by an M Shape Crossed at the end symbolising the Virgin Holding an Ear of Wheat,representing the Purity Perfection and Abundance and Sanctity of the Earth and the Divine Feminine.
Virgo is a Very Large Constellation is best recognized by Spica,its brightest star which forms a triangle with both Arcturus and Regulus.Spica is a Binary star System found close to the Ecliptic,2,300 times more luminous then our Sun.Spica is also the ear of wheat that the Virgin is Holding.This Area of the Sky Harbours 13,000 Galaxies on of which is the Sombrero Galaxy.In Both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres Virgo is best seen at Midnight in the Midheaven when the Sun is in Pisces at the End of Febuary and the Beginning of March.Virgo Makes use of and wants to improve that which has been created by Leo.Virgo the Sixth Zodiac Sign is associated with the Harvest,the Reward of having taken time to tend to growth through patience and service.Virgo is Industrious Hard Working service Orientated wishing to purify and heal self in order to serve others.Virgo represents efficiency order and cleanlisness so that one can maintain containment and focus.Virgo symbolises perfection and doing things to the best of ones Abilities.Virgo picks apart analyses and Critiques in order to comprehend how all parts are connected and to discern what is useful from what is not.Virgo is concerned with the sacredness of time,daily routine and taking regular self care of fitness and diet for physical and mental wellbeing.Virgo is concerned with the Sacredness of time Daily Routine.Virgo is the Final Sign of the personal Sector and hence represents the Highest Completion of Self Mastery and Self Realization.Virgo prepares the Virginal Self for the Experience of Relationship.Virgo’s goal and aim is to ground the self so that ones sense of self is not lost when relating to others beyond the self.Virgo’s opposite sign Pisces Looks at the Big Picture while Virgo looks at the Frame by Frame.Virgo is Practical Effecient Critical Service Orientated Health Conscious Methodical Discerning Patient Fussy Discriminating Systematic Meditative Focused Critical Hard on self and others possibly Meticulous Precise Competent Dedicated Unassuming humble and contained.

Mercury the Messenger God,has dual Rulership of both Gemini and Virgo.The Following Information is for Mercuries Rulership of Virgo.Mercury as it directs Virgo in interested in making Ideas useful and practical.Mercury Represents Focusing and concentrating the Mind in order to Discern Analyse Digest and Assimilate Information.Mercury discriminates and becomes selective in thinking and speaking.Mercury keeps things in perspective and Disciplines the Mind.Nocturnal Mercury is the Ruler of Virgo,being a primarily Nocturnally active.Mercury is known as Nocturnal Occidental or Epimethean when when rising after the Sun.Nocturnal Mercury represents Mercury’s Lunar Side and is a Cold and Dry Energy Inward moving and Focused.Nocturnal Mercury starts with the Superior Conjunction when furtherest away from the earth and is seen as an evening star and finishes at the Inferior Conjunction.Nocturnal Mercury is objective deliberate evolutionary historically minded interested in the past careful concerned with goals and plans success oriented and hard working.Virgo mercury is Efficient Faultless Rational reasonable logical focused knowing technical.When it is ruled or runs through an incarnated souls Negative Ego is becomes overly analitical overly rational overly critical fault finding and detail obsessed.
Chiron is also ruled by Virgo and adds a new Higher Frequency to the Virgo Archetype and energy.The Glyph for Chiron is made up of the circle of spirit and a key.This symbolises then how chiron unlocks both the hidden wounds and gifts that help us heal.The Key also represents a k the initial of its discovers name Charles Kowal.
Chiron was discovered Physically in 1977 and since that time has continually been re classified as either an asteroid or a Comet yet recently became officially labelled as a Cenataur or Planatoid.Chirons orbit is between Saturn and Uranus and thus is the Bridge between these 2 Worlds and builds the bridge from the Structure and form of Saturn and the Electricity and Electrical Fire of Uranus.It has a tail on a physical level 300,00 km in length that appears to switch on and off.It takes 50 52 years to complete a rotation around the sun.Chiron energy is paradoxical in that its a healing or wounding hidden or enlightening.Chiron represents morality the wounds we carry and the gifts they bring.Chiron describes the small things that may seem significant but in actuality are very powerful when fully understood.Chiron is hidden by Virtue of it being so obvious we don’t see it.Chiron indicates change of Consciousness beliefs behaviour and in lifestyle.Chiron is the Bridge between the Realms of Uranus and Saturn indicating the bridge between social realities and collective spirits and a bridge between the two different worlds or Morality and Immorality between form and structure and life beyond the physical and known.Chiron the Mythical Teacher Guru Shaman and Healer represents an experience of feeling outcast and outside the tribe.Chiron is a commitment to the healing of self others and our environment.Chiron is associated with medicine healing esoteric arts tarot divination Herbal Medicine Arcane and Alternative Healing methods.Chiron takes about 50 years to move around an astrological chart but spends different amounts of time in different signs because of its ecliptic orbit and the different size of the different signs!Traits of Chiron are Healing Teaching Maverick Unbranded Promeathean Spiritual and Seperate.Chiron can relate to all wounds psychological and spiritual Physical Psychosomatic and emotional.It directs daily routines Work Play Balance Duties Efficiency Sickness wellbeing.Chiron is the Humble and Gentle Cenataur who guides and teaches all aspirants on the Path less travelled and guides all Gods or sons of God in becoming Gods on Earth!Chiron is a most important Planet and and where it is found in the Natal chart suggest where we do our healing.

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