Thursday, April 7, 2011

“The Ascended Master Kingdom!”

The 5th Kingdom of God is the Ascended Master Kingdom,Those Great Ones,Our Elder Brothers and Sisters in Spirit who have passed through the Earth School,Passing all tests and lessons of Earth Life,Raising their Consciousness and Spirit Sufficiently to the Pure Vibrations of Light they enter the Eternal Kingdom of God.This is the destiny and fate of all Humanity and all Soul Extensions even in the Animal Knigdom,(Or perhaps more rightly so the animal kingdom will also ascend their spirits to the Light and we will recognize the eternal spirit in the animals and know them also to be eternal Master Spirits.In truth we are all these beings in all these Kingdoms,as multi dimensional beings we are in all dimensions and all Kingdoms,all are extensions of God/Godess.So as we evolve and extend our awareness and consciousness we become aware of greater levels of our self and our eternal nature.Now it must be said that the Ascended Master kingdom are the guides for the Human Kingdom and they have set up offices and posts that direct all planetary affairs and activities and thus inform and guide all earthly works.The Ascended Masters have Ashrams set up on the Inner Plane to guide teach and educate all Soul extensions during the night.All earth souls then work at serving and externalizing these teachings on the Earth!This is the focus of all outer works!To externalize the teachings of the Masters.The degree of conscious awareness we have of this directly effects our ability to be in harmony with Gods Greater Divine Law and Harmony.The Ascended Master Kingdom await our attunment and alignment,they await to be brought into every aspect of earth life.Todays video will help you tune into the Physical Etheric Bodies of the Masters so you can attune to them more consciously and bring there work and service into your Life and all its activities!Check out the Video at

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