Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scorpio,The 8th House of the Solar God Self

Scorpio,The Fixed Water Sign is the Area of Solar Creation Level of deep waters of Trasnformation.The Solar God Self Fixes its gaze,deep into the Universal Waters of the Unconscious,fixing its attention on what needs to be transformed for the Highest Level of Light Ascension.The Intense Gaze of the Lord of the Underworld Pluto can be said to Rule and Govern this section of Creation.His Gaze is deep and penetrating hitting with intensity anything in un truth anything laking integrity,anything out of alignment with the Will of the God of Transformation will be destroyed by the Sting of the Over Lords Extension through the Minions of Scorpions Snakes Bites of various Kinds Dogs Spiders Snakes etc add infinitum.War will be created with anything that attempts to limit restrict or Control this Mighty Solar Power,And the God of War himself,Might Mars is willing and ever ready to take arms against any earthly Power that might try to control this Enormous Transformative Power that is in essence the Sexual Power.That being known then we understand that the Scorpio section of Solar Reality rules and directs The Sex Organs and their Function and Action,The Urethra,The Ovaries Testes Prostate and any parts of the body that Grow Reproduce Eliminate or expel bodily fluids.Scorpio then directs and governs over sees and directs any illness then in these areas of the Body and any miss use or lack of use of these Organs and Areas of the Body will come under the Malific Ill Will and Effect of the Solar God Pluto and hence incur the Judgement of that God,which will surely result in death of the physical vehcile and possible permenant damage to the etheric body.Be sure to use the Creative Powers of the Waters then so as not to incur the Judgement of this Might God!
The Glyph for Scorpio used by Astrologers and Creatives is an M (M for Melchedizek Metatron and Mahatama) with an upward pointing arrow coming off the end,representing the Scorpions association with the Universal Christ and Lord of the Universe as well as its extension of The God of War Mars and the Upward moving Masculine Direction of Spirit.The Return of matter to spirit through Transformation that is being directed by the Lord of the Universe,Lord Melchedizek!Scorpio is the easiest Constellation to identify in the Night sky as it is very large well defined and does clearly resemble a Scorpion.Scorpio rises on its side but sets head first.The Brightest star in Scorpio is Antares One of the Four Royal Stars.Known as the Heart of the Scorpion,Antares is a red Supergiant 9000 times more luminous then our sun.It contains many globular clusters,including M4,M6 and M7.In both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres Scorpio is best seen at midnight in the Midheaven when the Sun is in Taurus during April and May.
The eighth Zodiac Sign Scorpio transcends and Transforms the Indecision of Libra by taking Control and acting completely and being 100% Decisive in its action,for better or worst!Always for the better even if initially for the worst for it is better to be decisive then indecisive even if you make a mistake for mistakes are positive not negative and lessons can and will always be learnt by taking action!Scorpio wishes to experience deep intense intimate relationship that is deeper than the social relating found at Libra,including transcendence of deep issues like trust Boundries and social and Moral Limitation or restriction.The Intensity of Scorpio os to deep to be limited by traditional Convention and Current Social Mores.Scorpio is deeply emotional and sensitive and attuned to the Other World of the Shadow and the Unconscious.Those Born of this sign have the Courage and Power to confront that which is dark and fearful.Scorpio seeks to penetrate the Mysteries of Life uncover truth and gifts therein and explore the depths of existence and Earth Life.Scorpio gains power through holding onto intimate relationships and connections,not letting go emotionally and strikes out if is feeling betrayed or rejected.Scorpio is also associated with the Pheonix which symbolises the Rising up from the Ashes of the Fire of Life and the Transforming resurrecting regenerating Power.Scorpio represents the deep transformative Power within including Kundalini Energy and any earth Power Drawn up from the Earth into Spirit Power.Shamanic Plants and Rituals Initiation into sacred secret orders also is ruled by the Higher Octave of Scorpio and the Egyptian God Osiris can be said to Incarnate the Higher Octave of Scorpio.Interesting Anthony Keidis of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers is another Famous Scorpio Native.
Scorpio indicators for those seeking to give a initial Discernment of the Scorpion Personality are Intense Profound Penetrating Secretive Complex Vindictive Cunning Tyrannical Complex Provoking Obsessive Passionate temperamental intolorant sexual paranoid obsessive deep instinctual perceptive and suspicious.

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