Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Teh Juman Kingdom Mon!

The Human Kingdom of God/Godess the 4th Sphere of Planetary Life,The 4th Station is at the Door to the Eternal Kingdom of the Infinite God and stands above and beyond yet ever so delicately linked to the 3 Lower Worlds in the Mineral Plant and Animal Kingdom.By this Superior Position in evolutionary Rank and Service the Human Kingdom stand as a Director Protector Guide and Way Shower for the Mineral Plant and Especially the Animal Kingdom.Hence we have as it was previously stated a great Responsibility to guide Love Protect and serve the 3 Lower Kingdoms into the New Ascended Ideal.It truth this is done together as one,but it must be said the responsibility of this is on the Human Kingdom,Under the Guidance of the Ascended Master Kingdom Then the Angelic Kingdom and the Elhoim Kingdom respectively so each kingdom follows the One above and evolves upwards and into that Plane and space above.So the Human Kingdom is evolving into the Divine Kingdom and as such is guided and directed by that Divine Kingdom of God the Realm of the Ascended Masters.In truth the Human Kingdom is a training ground for the Ascended Master Kingdom and all incarnated on earth are consciously unconsciously or super consciously on the path of becoming a Master.Once we rise to this elevated Place of Light in the 1st 3rd 6th and 7th Initiation we take reigns of Light and Life and direct all our energies to service of the Divine of our Self and our Brothers and Sisters and the Great Hierachies above.The soul usually takes many hundreds of life times to pass and learn all the Life lessons of this earth to pass into the Ascended Master Kingdom but once this is done,and (This is happening on mass now as we come to complete the 26,000 year Cycle,many souls are being trained more on a conscious level in the process of attaining realizing Integrating and Demonstrating Ascended Masters Consciousness on Earth in service of The Divine Plan.This humble work is a part of this great divine plan for the earth as is every other event and life experience sequence system on the earth!Everything serves this path and evolution,even the Ones who consciously or unconsciously oppose this Great Plan.(The Dark Brotherhood)(Evil/Satan/Negative Ego) etc.For they are just testing systems and grounds for those that would choose God and Gods Divine Law and the Demonstration of them.All serve under the Supreme Creator and his/her heirarchies and incarnations!All is a part of one Creation!The Human kingdoms main function then is to serve brining Divinity into the Earth Plane and the 3 Lower Worlds.That then is our service and each will intuit on their own how they might serve this great Unfolding!Do look then beloveds to how you may more serve this great Cosmic Downpouring and incarnating of Divinity in the Earth Plane and get busy serving that Ideal in your Earth Life!Get busy serving the 3 Lower Worlds and being your Brothers and SIsters Keepers Guides and Constant Teachers Companions and Friends in Great Harmony with beuty in everything you do!This should be and is the way of the Human Kingdom,The Kingdom of God/Man!

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