Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gemini,The 3rd House of the Solar God Self

Gemini,the Sign of the Twins and Hot Cosmic Information,The Sharing of free information esoteric and exoteric is the 2nd House of the Solar God Self.Gemini is an Air sign Masculine in Nature and Rules Mercury,”The Messenger of the Gods”.In the Body Gemini Governs the Arms Hands Fingers Nerves Lungs Bronchi Breathing as well as anything on a higher super sense level with which we touch or breath in.Anything we come into contact with on an etheric level.The Gemini Glyph looks like a Roman Numeral 2 or two poles that represent Polarity and Duality as shown and demonstrated through the Myth of the Twins Pollux and Castor,or Miri and Pirri. The Rulers of the Temporal and Spiritual worlds respectively.These 2 Poles of reality in all its aspects create great oneness.
Astronomically Gemini is easily identifiable by its brightest Star Castor the Brightest being Pollux.These stars form the Head of the Twins and another two stars create the Twins Feet making up the distinct Glyph of Gemini.The Constellation of Gemini is close to the Ecliptic and in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres is best seen in the mid heaven at midnight when the Sun is in Sagittarius in November and December.
Theme:What began in Aries and was stabalized in Taurus now becomes expressed and released through Gemini.Gemini is the first Air Sign and so begins the Mental Activation and Stimulation.The Logical mind is used to seek meaning.Gemini hence signifies ideas information curiosity and discovery represented by a Mind full of Questions yet not enough answers yet.Gemini shows how we understand ourselves through our surroundings especially our immediate environment family siblings neighbourhood and our social cultural national Planetary Conditioning as well as our past life experience.Gemini represents our Mental Flexibilty our ability to change and adpat.The Search for a Twin Soul is represented through Gemini symbolising the need integrate our other half of our spiritual self,our twin soul,our inner feminine or our inner masculine depending,to become fully whole and integrated beings.To be balanced perfectly within in all inner and outer polarities is how we become integrated God Godess Realized beings.This house and Sign also represents equaity Polarity seeming Duality or better said Multiplicity.Gemini is rational functional mental intelligent sign of thinking where as Sagittarius Gemini’s opposite sign represents are more physical incarnation of Spirit and more Philosophical approach to thinking.Gemini is a more mental changeable sign that is in essence expressive inventive quick witted changeable clever theatrical funny curious restless inquisitive versatile movable willing and eager.Bring forth then these quaities in your earth life today and consciously cultivate the 2nd house of your Solar God Self.
The Glyph of Mercury comprises the crescent of Receptivity above the Circle of Spirit on top of the Cross of matter.Combined these symbols represent the super Conscious COnscious and Sub conscious minds unifed as one complete whole,as the bridge between the above and bellow,between the Gods and the Human Kingdom,Between the Gods and the Divine Child,that we must all come to incarnate.Proper parenting of the Inner Child are related to Mastering and guiding properly the Inner Child in a Loving way into growing into an Adolescent Young Adult Adult and eventually a fully Realized Ascended Master self.
Mercury is never further than 28 degrees of the longitude away from the Sun.It is a fast moving Inner Planet and is therefor seen in phases.Mercury is hard to see because of its proximty to the sun visible for a period of weeks in the evening (Occidental) or the morning (Oriental).Due to week gravity Mercury has no protective atmosphere and like the Moon is full of Craters.Mercury Rotates Slowly making Only one and a half rotations for cycle around the Sun.
Energy and Archetype:Mercurys energy is fast unpredictable quick changable and flexible.Mercury is known as the messenger Planet representing Formulation exchange and movement of ideas through speaking writing and networking.Mercury is known as a hermaphrodite:Neutral and a sexual as is the mind.Mercury is Logical reasonable and rational and embodies the principal of intellect.Mercury collects thoughts words information facts trivia and evidence and is “In the Know” as it were.Mercury symbolises how our function of perception and communcation.Mercury is the Psychopomp who can bridge the gap between Mount Olympus and the Underworld and therefor bridges the gap between separate experience eg Soul Spirit Eternal Temporal Infinite and Finite The Gods and Humans.Mercury also represents the Trickster Archetype, Versatility Changeability Curiosity and Fun!So be sure to bring forward these aspects of self into your earth life psychology and spiritual life today!Mercury can be either malefic or benefic depending on what planet it connects with.
Mercury is closely tied to the Sun in its movement around the Astrological Chart,with its furtherest distance from the Sun never more then 28 degrees.It takes either less then a year or just over year to move around an astrological chart depending on its retrograde cycle which happens every three months for about 3 weeks.Mercury retrograde begins as mercury moves closer to the earth and toward an inferior conjunction then moves behind the sun in a superior conjunctoin when it is not in retrograde.When rising before the Sun Mercury is known as Diurnal Promethean and Oriental.Mercurys Outward exposed forward moving future oriented.These are then Masculine Solar Energies.Diurnal Mercury starts a new cycle when mercury is closest to the earth in an inferior conjunction and finishes at a superior conjunction rising before the sun.When Oriental Mercury is a Hot and Moist Energy is outward moving and Sociable.Promethean Mercury challenges dominion and authority seeks independence from Social Conventions searches for new qualities strives for effective ways to implement new ideas and is eager impulsive spontaneous full of vision restless with creative expression and concerned with real world issues.
Nocturnal Mercury is sometimes known as the ruler of Virgo,its traits are Youthful Curious Witty Cleaver Cheeky Tricky Quick Changeable flexible androgynous informative.In a Shadow sense is can gossip chattering pointlessly hyperactive Glib with “Foot in Mouth Disease” Speaking Before thinking Monkey minded Wandering dispersive thoughts two faced fickle and restless.
Mercury Rules Wednesday Mercury Quicksliver Thieves of all kinds higher and lower,Mercchants Words Writings Borders Corssroads Speeches Times of Decision making Majoram Hazelnut Bean The Occult and Astrology.In the Body Mercury rules the Nervous system Thyroid Gland and Nervous activity.Such is the 3rd House of the Solar God Self and our Focus and attunement for today.Be then aligned to and bring forth the higher aspect of the 3rd house of God on the Earthly Plane in service of your God Self The Master Above you and your Brothers and Sister behind you!Namaste dear Friends!


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