Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Angelic Kingdom

The Angelic Kingdom,is the Feeling Tones of God,The Pure Vibrations of Love for all creation never seperated From Gods Consciousness,The Angels where never and have never experienced seperation from God,Hence they stand ever ready to guide the feelings of the Hu Man Kingdom back to the Kingdom of God on a feeling level.God created the Angels as the feeling aspect of God,therefor when ever we experience Godliness in our Emotional Body it might be said that we are experiencing the Angelic Kingdoms and the constant feeling and experience of the Angelic Kingdoms.Many teachings talk about Angels incarnating into Human Bodies to assist the ascension of the Planet,Perhaps more acurately it should be said that Conscious Souls demonstrate Angelic Feeling and Demonstration and thus express the Angelic Kingdom on the Earth.It is also said that Humans can and do progress into the Angelic Evolutions.It has also been taught that the Angels are guiding Hu Mans back to Divinity through instructing and informing the emotional Body as the Extended soul passes through certain tests and lessons associated with the Incarnation process.We might all intuite and remember a time when this was true for us.When we might have been through a particularly intense emotional experience and or transformation,and when it was finished we experienced a flood of divine feeling.This then is the process of Instruction from the Angelic Kingdom.(Depending however on our particular Planetary/Solar Teachers,(Planetary Placements)that rule and direct our Current incarnation)This is why the study of astrology is such a good practice science and art for it allows us to more deeply know our self and how we experience transformation of consciousness,that we have all incarnated here to do and thus we will be able to fast track our integrated ascension process through the direct focus on our evolving through these deep transformational process.So the Angelic Kingdom basically acts as emotional instructors Guides and Teachers to the Human Kingdom.This functions of course as in all Planetary affairs and efforts on the 7 Major Ashrams and Offices of the Christ.Informing the Aspirants on the Higher Use of the 7 Ray energy on the 7 Planetary Planes of Existence.Further study of the Angelic Hierarchies and their roles and functions can be found at various places through out the Global Mind(Internet) so we will leave it to ones own industrious and spiritually minded will to go forth and delve deeper into that Foundation knowledge and understanding.Much learning is there to be done in this regard!This then is just a brief introduction to the Angelic Kingdom and their work and service of the Hu Man Kingdom!

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