Sunday, April 10, 2011

Drink Filtered Tap Water!

As you know, yoga students need lots of water
to rehydrate, to cleanse, and to keep their body
loose and lubricated.

But here's the question: "What type of water
should I drink?"

I've got a really simple answer for you...

But first, let's take a look at how crazy the water
business has become.

Take Figi or Evian waters, for example.

They are really good, yes, but in order to get that
water halfway around the world to you (assuming
you don't live in Figi or The Alps), you have to dirty
up the environment by transporting the stuff...

... so to get your clean water now, you're making
more water dirty during the transportation... this can't
work long term (this system is only slightly less absurd
than polluted cities building giant fans to "blow" the
smog somewhere else).

From my research, here's what I think the most
responsible and healthy choice for obtaining clean,
local water:

(1) If you live in a city with safe drinking water
(meaning no bacteria or parasites), filter it with
a carbon filter (Britta style) or a reverse osmosis
filtration system (more expensive, but better).

If you're water is not potable or if you know that
it's super high in fluoride or lead, then buy locally
filtered water in big jugs with high quality plastic
(better than cheap disposable bottles).

(2) When you do need to buy water (we all do),
buy local/regional brands, but keep in mind
that your home-filtered tap water is probably
more pure - so try to use that as your primary

(3) Lastly, never drink straight tap water if you can
avoid it, even if you've got a private well or live in
a city that brags about its water (like NYC). Bad pipes,
ground water run-off... all sorts of things can get
into your water, and a simple carbon filter is cheap
and easy.

Stay bendy,


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