Tuesday, April 5, 2011

“The Animal Kingdom of God/Godess!”

The Animal Kingdom of God is a Wonderful Kingdom of Much Bliss Sacred Sanctity Divine Consciousness and total God attunment and alignment.The purpose of this Chapter is to give you Gods Perspective on the Animal Kingdom.It is to give you the Higher Mind and Monadic Mahatmic Perspective on the Animal Kingdom.We pray and ask for a attunment to this kingdom now in its Divine Perfection and ask to receive the Understanding Knowingness and experience of the Divinity and Divine Purpose of the Animal Kingdom!With that attunement and alignment now taking place we will officially begin!First of all it must be said that ll kingdoms where created by God to play are part and bring a particular aspect of Divinity into the Collective Experience of the Great Cosmic Being known as God.The animal Kingdom brings an Indiviual independent Instinctual Feeling level to the experience of the Earth plane.The animals are totally in Harmony with Nature and Her Cycles and are totally surrendered to this and thus experience the directed harmony sanctity and holiness of this Greater Being.We get a sense of this when we surrender to God/ess and Nature and feel so elevated and sacred being in nature and being in the Great Tao of harmony of all things.Animals have an inate experience of this naturally.Again it must be said that the fall came in the Human kingdom not the animal kingdom,though they do transmute and have taken on some of the Fallen Consciousness of the Human Kingdom and are thus way also serving on assisting Human beings out of the Miss alignment with the Universal Law and thus drawing us into and setting the example of our Intuitive and Instinctual self.The ANimal kingdom has an inate experience of the Cosmic Consciousness through there surrender and thus bring through the Heavenly aspects of life,they are an expression of the Heavenly nature of all things earthly!They are bellow even as they are above!Think to the Experience of the Bear,who hibinates for 9 Months of the Year!What a life to sleep for 9 Months of the Year!I think you can get a sense of the greater attunement of God in all Gods Kingdoms and the total and unimaginable Sanctity of the Cosmic nature of that Experience of God through the many incarnated Gods in all the Kingdoms!Actually astrologically speaking there is both a “Sign of the Bear” the Greater and Lesser Bear at the North and south point of our Earth!Thus this archetype holds particular weight and gravity for our Planet!Ever considered the saying that people often say,”Bear with me a Moment........” Have you ever wondered what this meant?Well now you know the Solar Astrological on this saying!I think my friends then you are starting to get a sense of the Profundity and signifcance of the Animal kingdom and its role in the Great Cosmic Evolution we are all a part of and sharing in and contributing too!Be sure then to honour the ANimal Kingdom and give thanks for the vibration they Hold!Be sure also then to Integrate this Consciousness into your Consciousness and Earthly Life and your Spiritual Attunement!Be sure to bring forth the Higher Octave Aspect of all the Animal Kingdom and all Animals!Be sure to recognize all Creatures as Incarnations of God and make a vowl to never harm hurt them in any way or contribute to any form of unconsciousness that still does this!Be sure to stand firm in protection for the ANimal kingdom!Now it must also finally be said that we are “Our Brothers Keepers” and this relates to all the 3 Lower Worlds, whos evolution and progress we are in truth responsible for even as the Ascended Masters are REsponsible for our Evolution!We must then take up the Sword of Power and Mantle of Leadership and Mastery in this Regard and be absoute Spiritual Warriors in Fighting for the Protection of the Beloved Animal Kingdom and all our “Younger Brothers and Sisters” in that Kingom!To do any less would be irresponsible behaviour of an Incarnated God!it is our Responsibility to see that the Animal Kingdom are cared for protected and honoured in life and all the service they offer us,it is our responsibility to over see their evolution and guide them into the higher Octave of Divine Love Divine Service and Divine Attunement even as they remind us and teach us this in their own way!So this is a key note focus for the building of the New Earth!To honur respect care for protect and Guide the Animal Kingdom into Ascended Consciousness and into the Kingdom of God!For it was said by the Great Master that “The Lion will lye with the Lamb!”Let us then work to serving this greater Cosmic Harmony at a Planetary level by all these previous mentioned things and any and all other ways we might feel personally called to do to “Be our Brothers Keepers!”So let it be written and so let it be done!

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