Thursday, April 14, 2011

Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry,

Our New Earth Crystalline Circuitry (Golden City in the brain, body and light body) at the highest level is a cosmic star-energy pattern that is inherent within our light body.

At this level of reality our New Earth Crystalline Circuitry is an essence, a primary pattern or first-cause archetypal type of energy.

As we access this universal star-energy pattern with our consciousness something interesting begins to occur. We begin taking this essence and giving it further definition through our conscious interactions with it. This leads to new awareness, perceptions, thoughts, feelings, experiences and thus reality itself being formed out of these interactions.

Our neurological circuitry itself is a physiological representation of a host of energy patterns. When we learn how to do something new that is successful, helpful or pleasurable in some way, we form new neural circuitry in our body that represents this new pattern of energy. If we continue to do that new thing over time this new neural circuitry is made more permanent by our body through an epigenetic process which is now widely recognized by science.

This same physiological mechanism is what will create our New Earth Crystalline Circuitry at the physical level. Once this circuitry is adequately formed, the energy we expend attempting to stay connected to and centered within the Divine Love that we really are is then liberated and available for whatever comes next!

Through consciously engaging this epigentic process we can become entrained within a Metatronic 'habit' of always responding from our Core Essence of Love to everyone and everything that we encounter in life without having to work so hard at it!

Through our consciousness interacting with the star-energy patterns of our New Earth Crystalline Circuitry at their most essential level in our light body, we can consciously create correlative neurological circuitry within our physical body and brain to this end.

This new physiological neural circuitry represents a unique definition of the star-pattern energy in our light body at the physiological level. This then forms what Thoth has referred to as "The Golden City" in our brains and bodies.

The very nature of this New Earth star-energy pattern is such that you cannot create something that is separative or self-serving out of it. Anything we might create of that nature has not originated from true access to this New Earth star-energy pattern.

There are certain very powerful resonance keys we can use to ensure that we are truly accessing the New Earth Crystalline Circuitry in our light body. Using these resonance keys aligns the consciousness we are evolving, and shapes the new neurological circuitry we are establishing, as unique but true representations of the collective New Earth Crystalline Circuitry star-energy pattern in our light body.

In this webinar you will learn about these resonance keys and the awareness and understanding needed for their application in further creating your New Earth Crystalline Circuitry.

You will also be guided through an experiential meditative experience with the assistance of the Metatronic Councils of Light. This experiential component will help you to establish new pathways within your consciousness for interacting with the New Earth Crystalline Circuitry star-energy pattern in your light body. This in turn will further its development at the physical neurological level where it really matters (pun intended)!

I look forward to having your light-love energy as part of our group energy matrix for this very powerful and important work of love and joy as we surf the waves of universal consciousness together on the crest of the 3rd Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light this coming Easter Sunday!

Resurrection and Ascension time!!!

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