Monday, April 11, 2011

Taurus,The 2nd house of the Solar God Self!

Taurus is the incarnation of the Earth Element,It is Feminine in nature and ruled by Venus.It Governs Neck Shoulders Throat,Voice,and hence upholds the value of self.Ideally one is holding one head high ones shoulders back with their heart open to the world in a loving Masterful manner.
The Taurus Glyph represents the horns of a bull symbolizing the Bulls ability to gather receive and stabilise and incarnate earth energy.The Bull is an ancient symbol of fertility and abundance and was a central figure in fertility rites initiations ancient mythologies.It has come to represent and incarnate the Heavenly aspect of earth life,sometime Brahman was refered to as a Bull.This is a key archetype for us to integrate in to our lives.
Taurus is a easy constellation to see because of its well defined “V” Shape (Venus) near Orion and the Pleiades Star System Cluster.The Bright Star Alderbarab an orange Giant Depicts the Eye of the Bull.The Pleiades a beautiful open star cluster is often called the seven sisters and forms the bulls shoulder.Hyades a more spread out but open star cluster forms the head of the Bulls Head.In Both Northern and Southern Hemispheres Taurus is best seen when the sun is in Scorpio when the Mid Heaven at Mid Night during October and November.
The Theme and Quality of Taurus is that of Gathering,It grounds the Seeds Sprouted by Aries and gives them form in order to Flourish them fully.Taurus is Concrete and stable with the ability to physically manifest.Taurus Indicates security practical application productivity and work Taurus is dependable Physical organic instinctual sensual and sensate.Taurus communicates through the 5 senses smell touch sound taste and sight.Taurus does not easily comprehend the intangible spiritual world.Taurus values time process hard work and patience in order to manifest that intuited reality.Taurus is slow practical and concerned with the real world including ones possessions and money.Taurus represents grounding where as Scorpio the opposite Signs seeks a transformation of self.Taurus is Slow Possessive Materialistic Devoted Resourceful Sensual Stubborn Earthly Cautious Nurturing Practical materialistic natural tangible stable and creative.
The Planetary Ruler of Taurus is of Course Venus!Venus is drawn with a circle and a cross of Spirit,This symbolizes matter ascending to spirit the grounding of conscious reality and the importance of balancing the spiritual with the material.It depicts the dominance of spirit over matter and represents female energy.Similar in meaning to the Egyptian Ankh this glyph is a marriage of male and female through the honouring the feminine energy of spirit.This combination creates a new life and contentment and perfection of earth life.It is the Tao and perfect way of peace,of heaven upon the earth!The Most Beutiful and Brightest Planet to look at with the naked eye Venus was appropriately named after the Roman Godess of Beuty and Love.To the Greeks she was known as Aphrodite the Babylonians Ishtar and the Egyptians Isis,Seen as an evening Star,setting after the Sun(Occidental) or a morning star rising before the Sun.Venus is never further then 48 degrees from the Sun as an inner Planet Venus can be seen in phases of Varying Brightness and is at her Brightest when in a cresent phase.Here she is at her closest to the Earth but not yet in the Suns Rays.Classified as a Terrestrial Planet,Venus is sometimes called Earths “Sister Planet” for the 2 are similar in size and gravity and composition.Unlike Earth,Venus is a most Inhospitable Planet on a Physical Level with a surface temperature of almost 900 Degrees F, and an Atmospheric Pressure 90 Times that of Earth.Her surface is an inferno of Volcanos Hidden under a cover of dense carbon dioxide and sulphuric Acid Clouds that rotate seperately to create an intense Greenhouse effect.Spinning from east to West,the Opposite of all other Planets except Pluto,Venus Sun Rise in the West and sets in the East!
Energetically Venus Energy is Mild Harmonious Sensuous.Venus Represents the Principals of Beuty Sensuality Love Romance Pleasure Appearance and Attraction.Venus Naturally Seeks Relationship Sociability Aesthetics Artistic Pursuits Giving and receiving Love.Venus represents what we value how we value something,what we like and what we dislike in regards to taste appearance beauty fashion our partners and all our relationships.Venus Symbolizes the ability to attract others and the things one values.The Evening Star Venus is the Ruler of the Realm of Taurus!Venus is also known interestingly as Nocturnal,Occidental,Hesperus Vesper and Venus.She represents more of a natural and primal instinct to beuty love Romance and Pleasure.She is concerned with act of Creating,Resources and Potentials.She also represents our personal self esteem self worth self love and self value we give ourselves.Venus as an evening Star displays a more deliberate and reflective emotional nature that evaluates and reacts after an event takes place.Venus is also Subjective and Sensual,she make judgements based on cultural values and expectations or past experience and observations rather then the present.The Lunar Side of Venus is Cold and Moist Energy which is inward moving and connects and blends.Venus as an evening star is seen after sun set adn reaches maximum brilliance before turning retrograde and disappears into the suns rays and takes the “Inferior Conjunction”.
Astrologically Venus Moves around the Astrological chart tied to the movement of the Sun.With its farthest distance from the sun never more then 45 degrees.It takes Either less than a year or just over a year to transit an astrological chart depending on its retrograde cycle which happens every 18 months for about 6 Weeks.Venus Retrograde begins as Venus Moves Behind the Sun to a superior conjunction when it is not retrograde.At both conjunctions Venus is within the rays of the sun and invisible.
Venus traits and trademarks are:Natural Pleasant Sensual Personable Social Cultured:In a Lower Sense she can be Possessive Envious Lazy Hedonisitic Materialistic Stubborn and Prone to getting stuck.Venus Rules Tuesday Day Copper Art High Society Culture Music Art Poetry Money and Women.In the Body where there is imbalance in Venus Energy there can be eating disorders Venereal Disease Stress and Tension in neck and shoulders and cheeks.She represents in the Natal Chart (Venus) Personal resources The Body Possessions Financial Situation and Income Talents and Value.
On a Mundane level she represents the resources of the state.Department of the Treasury.Banking and Money Markets Export Food Trade and Economic Activity.
She can also represent the querents moveable and inanimate possessions and property.Money Self Esteem and Advisors.


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