Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Master Serapis Bey the the 3rd Ray Ashram

Master Serapis Bey and the 3rd Ray Ashram of the Christ.

Master Serapis Bey sometimes written as Serapis is regarded as a Master of Ancient Wisdom.He has by His Dilligent Incarnation and Service to Spirit while in the Form Ascended to the Throne of Grace,to the Realms of Eternal Light and Eternal Day.From his Initiation into the Great White Brotherhood which direct the efforts of Humanity.As Lord of the 3rd Ray Master Serapis Directs the Energies of Finance and Business.It is believed that he served many Incarnations on the Administration of Egyptian Affairs and Exchange systems.His experience within these realms has given him the position of Insight and a Greater Light into the Ascended Ideal that exists in the Spirit Realm.It is his Responsibility and Work then to transmit this knowledge Perception and Reality to Humanity and as far as possible and beyond make it a grounded Reality upon the Earth Plane.Serapis then seeks to bring forth the Hgihest Spiritual Ideal of Business and Finance where One World System serves all Incarnated Soul Extensions Personal Missions and Puzzle Pieces,where the Financial world is a Means and not an end,Where the Financial World is simply a structure and system to create freedom for the Higher Ashrams and offices of the Christ.Serapis works is to organize the Financial System to deliver wealth and prosperity to all peoles and all nations evenly and justly as God would have it be!As you can understand this is quite the mission but a mission that is well under way and drawing well towards culmination as we head towards 2012 and Galactic Alignment that takes place on that Auspicious Culmination Date!
Serapis Bey was incarnated Previously as a High Priest on one of the “Temples of the Sacred Fire” on Atlantis.The High Priests and other High Ranking Directors also Migrated to Egypt at the time of the Destruction of Atlantis.It is also believed that he was incarnated as the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep 3.(Who constructed the Temple of Luxor.)He was also incarnated as Leonidas,King of Sparta,who was killed in 480 BC defending the pass of Thermopyle against the invasion of Greece by Xexes 1sr,Emperor of the Persian Empire.According to the Teachings of Agni Yoga,Serapis was in past lives the Roman King Numa Pompilius the Philosopher Confucious,Plato and Lucius Anneus Seneca.He is referred to in the Book Supermundane as “The Thinker”.This relates to his Current work as Lord of the Third Ray directing the Higher Mind of all Initiates and Disciples in proper use and direction of the Mind.Application of the Higher Mind to the Lower Mind for Transformation and Spiritualization of all Matter.It is believed that Serapis After being killed as Leondis in the Battle of Thermopylae he immediately incarnated as Phidias the greatest of all Greek Sculptors.He then attained his Ascension becoming an Ascended Master and taking the 6th and 7th Initiation around the 400BC mark.Serapis has also been associated with the God Serapis who was the Syncretic Hellenistic Egyptian God Created by King Ptolmey the 1st to be the Deity of his Capital City in Alexandria.Serapis was the Patron Deity of Library of Alexandria.Serapis many incarnations as creative type lives gives him special leanings to and in support of creative Types.It was previously thought that he was the Lord of the 4th Ray Harmony through Conflict Creativity and Discipline but we now know him as the Lord of the 3rd Ray and Active Intelligence Business and Finances.He directs the Minds of those in Business and Finances of the World.As was state before he is organizing a New World System where by Properity is a Reality for all those incarnated into the Hu Man Kingdom.These financial system will be based on Universal Truths Integrity Honesty and Spiritual and Soul Alignment.The reader will do well to think how this great mission applies specifically to him or herself and then in due dilligence and activity act towards the Manifestation of that Highest Financial 3rd Ray ideal in Ones Earth Life!

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