Sunday, October 10, 2010

"The Incredible importance of developing Routines Scheduals and so forth."

Todays Brief Lesson and Training will be in Developing Routines and Patterns in life that are most ideal for the Process of the attainment of our Goals and Life Aspirations.Once we are clear on these by writing out our Goals and Mission statement and presenting that to God and the Masters in a Meditation,we must then set about organizing a Routine and Structure towards that End.Ideally this will Consist of some kind of Physical Excersise Routine,(Running,Yoga,Weights)Usually changed each day.At IAMYA we work with Yin and Yang Cycles,ie Monday we start with Yang Excersise Running Weights and on Tuesday Yin day we Work with Walking Yoga and Flowing Meditation to balance the Polarities.In this way cycling through Monday to Sunday we get a good Balance of all Polarities and Physical Earthly Practices.Now ideally we do these Practices First thing in the Morning after awakening.We log our Dreams and Interpret them First then we off for our run or Yoga what ever the Day might be Yin or Yang.After our Morning Practice which should be done before the Sun rises or as early as we can manage we return home for our Shower Wash Cleanse and Full Dress.We dress not only Physically but Spiritually and Etherically too for this is a Key to Psychospiritual Health!Once we are fully dressed in our Ideal Clothing both Phsyically Spiritually and Psychologically we then make our way to the Kitchen for a Healthy Nourishing Raw Food Breakfast! Now after our Smoothie we are ready to brush our Teeth and start our Daily Work and Service what ever that Might be!NOw depending on wether we are serving on the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th or 7th Ray Ashrams of the Christ or all of them unto that area that directs our Soul and Monadic Rays that kind of work should we work towards.To find out your Personal Ray Structure Contact Shamala Tan at Shamala will provide you with a Ray reading which will direct you are to your Planetary World service and might also help clarify your Life purpose.Also alternatively you could email me personally at for a personal One on One Training on an on going Basis.I am also available for Skype Sessions.
Now so after we begin our Morning Work Emails Correspondence Writing and So forth( We might have a Blog or a Video Log that we add to every day.)We work until the next phase which is Lunch!Now depending on the Season and our Dietary Aspiration we take care to make our self a Fine Meal and perhaps one for those in our Team in our Group Work.Ideally we eat and pray together as this adds and brings spiritual unity to the Group Body and helps us as individuals in untold ways.Now the suggested Diet we are giving is a raw food Diet consisting of Salads for Lunch green Smoothies for Breakfast and Organic Vegtable Soups for Dinner.We want also to be eating at the same time each day to develop consistency and Balance of the Doshas and Elements within and without.This helps us develop consistence Structure and Routine.Anything less the ideal in this regard will have Pluto Crashing Death and Transformation upon you so get Busy making the New Structure while it is being steadily transformed by the Lord of the Under World Pluto!
Now after Lunch we will be taking a brisk walk to stimulate the Digestive Fires.This recommendation by Bahaula the Founder of the Newest World Religon the Bahai Faith.(This is under the Direction of course of Lord Sananda the Master of the 6th Ray!)Our walk should be an ascension activation walk where we attune our Mind spirit and Bodies the the Way frequencies of that day!After our walk and by this time the Earth Energies will be more Prominent,so we take then to a relaxing practice.Usually our Creative Tasks,ie Music Art Painting Drawing and so forth.This will take us to Dinner and Soup of Organic Veges and then our Wind down for bed and the Return to the Inner Plane.Where we will continue our studies and practices on the Inner Planes.We make requests before bed to go to the Inner Plane Ashram of the Christ we are working with.We then meditate for an Hour before bed to clear our Consciousness and attune to God and the Masters and then we return to the Inner!We must remember to Log and journal our Dreams through the night to gain the Golden Nuggets of wisdom there in!We then start again the next day in the same way as we started!Namaste!

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