Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How to be Happy!

How to Be Happy
Happiness is not something that can be attained through wealth, therapy, or relationships. It's inside every one of us, all of the time.
Paul Lowe (the guy I've learned a lot from) states: 'You have happiness inside you now. Eternal dancing blissful happiness, inside you now ... Inside each person there is a something that is unaffected by anything.'
He suggests: 'If you are not happy, the intelligent thing is to make [happiness] your priority. Find that place inside you.'
In his 'How to Be Happy' CD, Paul explains how our conditioning obscures our natural state of joy and contentment, and how acceptance of each moment is the key to true happiness. Paul talks about the different vibrations we give out when we're happy, in complaint, or resisting the moment - and how a simple change in attitude can bring about a major shift in our interactions with the world.
(Personal Note: I bought this CD myself, and it rocks! I will be listening to it several times)
Cost for the CD is US$19 (15 Euro or 10 GBP) plus shipping. To order, send an email directly to Mia at
2. FEATURE: Beyond the Conditioned Mind
This Guest Article provided courtesy of one of my mentors, Paul Lowe:
We each live in our own individual world. It may not look like it, but 6 billion people live in 6 billion separate realities.
The way we see and experience the world is determined by how we grew up, the attitudes, opinions, beliefs and limitations we were given. In other words, by the conditioning we received to our minds and emotions.
This conditioning effects the way in which we see things. It is as though we are looking out of a window with curved glass - everything appears distorted. This distortion is created by our conditioning.
It isn't so
We think that which we see is the way things are, but it is not so. We are actually seeing through the distortion of our conditioned mind and this puts a spin on to our whole life and how we perceive ourselves. It is a huge handicap and certainly prevents us from reaching our maximum potential.
When we begin to disconnect from our mind and its fixed opinions an unexplainable mystery happens - life gets easier and better and better. Everything starts to click into place. Anger and judgment dissipate, a feeling of freedom descends and a gentle peace starts to permeate our whole being.
With that phenomenon comes another phase that keeps us moving and growing. We begin to recognise that life presents us with what we need to evolve into our greatest potential as a human being.
To take advantage of this possibility: be more adventurous, experiment, take a few risks. More aliveness happens in unpredictable situations. You only have one short life, and this is it. Live it to the full and don't take it too seriously. Have fun!
1. What is your conditioning? Identify ways in which your perception is distorted.
2. Think of one risk you can take this week.
3. Take that risk, in a spirit of adventure.
4. Share your experience at the blog.
3. The Personal Touch
I love writing this section - it's like my diary ;-)
I officially have a girlfriend: Kristina. She's smart, sassy, loving, fun, sexy, and passionate. I was pretty sure I wouldn't go back to 'poly-land', but this is what has shown up, and I'm thrilled. I'm having an absolute blast with her, and look forward to more great times.
My best buddy Ezra and I are getting even closer. Such a new feeling to be with someone who has so much attention on my happiness and goals - a little confronting at times, a little vulnerable - and I say bring it on! I'm dragging him to Australia with me, to visit the parents, kick some business goals, and have a whole heap of fun.
After four years, the relationship book specifically for women is under way! It is awesome, and I'm having a lot of fun with Cindy and Ezra on this! We have a couple of publishers interested, but we could use more, so if you have good contacts in the publishing industry, please forward to (but without the dashes). US, UK or Australia are all fine.
NOTE: I'm assembling an R&D team just for this book. So ladies, if you have any interest in how to win with your guy, how to get more of what you want from him, or just to have more fun with him, send a blank email to Every now and then I'll send out some questions for you, and may even run the audio interviews past you for comment and questions!
I've turned my bedroom into a sultan's tent, which has been a HUGE amount of fun. I'm talking stretchy purple fabric covering the entire ceiling, and gold fabric winding down the walls like tent poles. Just ordered awesome candle holders and a 5 foot water feature - really fun to be putting so much attention on my environment.
Business wise the universe continues to provide. We've launched a limited edition of Top Coaching Techniques (the first coach training package of its kind in the world). I'm about to produce a DVD of the Internet Clients Webinar we did recently, a Google Pay Per Client training video specifically for a coaching campaign, plus a few other fun things. If you're interested in volunteering to join in the action, I think Beth could still use a couple (her email is above).
Love and fun,
P.S. Comments invited on the blog.

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