Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Going the Extra Mile,Adding Huge Value Constantly and the Effects of Ceaseless Selfless Service!"

The Key to being successful in life is going the extra mile in everything you do,adding value to people,being other centered rather then self centered.We must understand that being successful is a proccess and requires certain actions.Success is very simple.You must think and focus your mind in a certain way,be persistent,Take right action and continue to do this consistently.Now learning to think,Feel experience Focus your Mind and attention consistently on what you want,and never on what you don’t want.Always then take action towards the action that brings you what you want.There are certain actions you have to take and you have to be willing to take these actions.This can and should b fun.If you are not having fun in this process something is wrong.Being in charge of your Internal State basically consists of Consciously and Intentionally Focusing your Mind on an out come you want,rather than letting your mind run Unconscious and Unintentionally.Focus you mind on what you want take action and keeping taking action!There will be set back and adversity but this is always a gift and carries with it an equivilent or greater benefit and no matter what happens then with this attitude you always win and so does everyone else!Now another key to the Process of Success as well as going the extra mile,turning adversity into a benefit,doing more than you are being compensated for and doing it with Joy and Love.Doing all that you can for your Brothers and Sisters at all times and in all situations.This makes people notice you and brings incredibly Good Karma to yourself and others.This leads to perfection in everything you do and ensures that you will always have employment and always have enough of everything you need and want.It leads to the development of a positive mental attitude,it develops the Imagination,Courage,Confidence,Definitness of Purpose and the ability to remain in Loving acceptance of all that is at all times no matter what!Basically when you initiate all energy within self and use all energy outside or inside to bring you closer to your goals and aspirations,in doing more than is expected of you brings you enourmous Good energy for self and others.This unltimately puts the Universe in your Debt.This going the extra mile is not done for selfish purposes but is done because it feels good it makes you happy.It is done on your own initative.You will be developing good karma,no matter who notices or doesnt notice you will be acrewing good Karma and good energy.Now it must be understood that this must be done with a positive attitude not begrudginly.If you do the law will not work in your favour.Now in going the extra mile there might occasionally come up fear thinking,that one might be loosing out of this deal,but be assured this is not how this works.When you go the extra mile focus on giving and serving and helping other people you will end up being helped and served many times greater than your original energy you put out.Again as Master Lord Meitreya likes to Say,”Service is the Law of Life and Service is also the Fruit of Life!”Have faith,let go of self and focus on others.Let go of the Limited Self and focus on giving and you will be Given too!Focus on being other centered,pay attention to what others need and focus on meeting those needs!You will be more happy and everything you need on every level will be provided for in magical ways!Move from being me Centered to other centered!Being other centered does not mean that one does not focus on your own needs for that is natural and normal.There should be a balance here that should be stuck.The suggestion is to focus on doing more for others and adding value for others!Ask how you can do more for others and get busy serving!After Achieving your Ascension ones Main focus should be service and giving.This is what seperates the Un Happy person from a Person who is victorious in everything they do.Now imagine yourself as having all these qualities.They are attained by going the Extra Mile!.They have been termed the 12 Great Riches of Life.They where brought forth i believe my Napolean Hills extensive research in the arena of Success.Sound Physical Health,Harmony in relationships, the Hope of achievement,sharing ones blessings,A Positive Mental Attitude,Freedom from Fear,The capacity for Faith,An open mind on all subjects, a labour of Love self discipline the capacity to undertand people and financial security and Mastery.These 12 Labours relate to the 12 Heroic Labours originally completed by Hero Figures like Hercules,Perceus,and others.They are esoterically related to the 12 Planetary Constellations,but in this case are related particually to the Current Aryan Age Physical Earthly Ideal.They can all be won and achieved fully by going the extra mile!There are many cases i am sure you can also personally attest to cases where in thinking not of self but focusing in selfles giving allows the Universal Energy of the Cosmic Forces to Flow to you abundantly without break.By rendering service and not collecting one will gain universal energy and this will acrew great interest.Going the extra mile makes life totally worth while and you end up feeling so good that you just want to do more for more people and therefor end up ascending on the Universal Ladder of Life by your wanting to serve and give.You will be given more opportunities to serve and grown and you will be placed again in a key position of Leadership.Anything is possible and when you focus on what you want take action and go the extra mile,you will effortlessly and easily attain all your Personal and Super Personal Goals and aspirations as you will end up being a servant of the Logoic Will and thereby be moved to greater positions where the Logoic Will can be Realized in Society and Earthly Civilization!

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