Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Developing a Lazer Focus and Arildite Discipline to the Inner and Outer ends of the Attainment of all your Soul and Spiritual Ideals!"

Developing a Lazer Focus and Arildite Discipline to the Inner and Outer ends of the Attainment of all your Soul and Spiritual Ideals.How to attain your Life purpose complete your Planetary Mission and Return home to Great Lines of Cosmic Evolution.
The topic of todays Post is on the incredible importance of Developing a Laser Focus inner and Outer on your Supreme life Mission and purpose and using every piece of energy to that end.With a clear focus inner and outer using both the Sub Conscious and Conscious Minds as well as ones Super Conscious Mind one can use all minds to develop and draw closer ones Ultimate Monadic Blueprint for the Eztended Soul that you are.So Super Conscious Impressions can come from Dreams and Impressions from the Supernal realm through Perhaps Visions in Meditation or through your Greater Understanding through the culmination of all your Sensor input inner and outer.Usually you will be able to tell when you receive a Super Conscious Impression from Spirit for It will be very clear.The feeling about the Impression as well as your thoughts about the impression will give you the meaning you require to convert this impression into the analoguous Right action that you are to take as a result of this impression.Lord Buddha tauhght in his Life as Gautama the Buddha about the importance of Right Action.Now to properly direct the Conscious Mind we are required to direct all thoughts,that we choose all currents of Mind down into the Garden Bed of the Sub Conscious Mind.For what ever we put in the sub conscious Mind will create and mirror to us its mirror likeness.So the Sub Conscious Mind should always be directed rather than being the Director,which is the case when we experience or allow the subconscious mind to Create what Joshua David Stone has dubbed “Sub Conscious Mind Interference”.When we own the 100% Personal Power of our Mind at all times we become the Programmer of our Mind and hence can create by the proper direction of our Mind action and energy anything we can imagine.This is the Incredible power of the “Proper use of the Conscious Mind!”Now with that being said we want to use the Conscious Mind to Communicate the Will of the Super Conscious Mind.To do this we need to develop time each day to receive the impressions of the Super Conscious Mind.This is done through Meditation where the Minds are still long enough to receive an impression from Spirit.This impression that we receive should be how we direct our Conscious and Sub Conscious Minds as it where.With the reception of our Minds and Hearts to Spirit opened through the Constant practice of Meditation we can then use all our action and energy both inner and outer to the ends of brining about the attainment of that which we have received from Spirit God and the Masters.We can begin to use all our actions and energies to the Creation of these Spiritual Ideals on a Physical Earthly Level!
So with this in mind and after having done our Life Plan and written up and drawn our “Supreme Life Mission” Statement,Having gotten clear on our Physical Earthly Psychological Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension Level Ideal that we are wishing to bring forth,after having created a Dream and Vision board with all these things on our Board we can begin to then use every piece of energy and action towards the attainment of these ends!It can be said and must be understood that every bit of energy is either drawing us near to our goals or taking us away from them.If we have then in our mind at all times our Ideal we can then determine weather any person place event or circumstance is either adding to or taking away from our attainment our Mission and remove that situation and circumstance from our Life and empower and share with that and those that are adding to our ultimate life purpose!To do any less would be to allow the Illusionary Forces of Maya Glamour and Distraction to take over our Lives and take us off course!We must be focused like a laser at all times on the Goal inner and Outer and take all actions to that ends.For to do any less would be “Unbecoming” of the “Great Soul” that we are,as Krishna once said to Arjuna!Now it must be understood that not all people will have this kind of intense focus that we have yet and that is fine for all people develop through the Planetary School at different rates and on different Lines.This is good and fine but we must not allow ourselves to be drawn into this.The best we can do is set the better example and share our methods means and our Understanding on this matter so that they can do the same.We can help our Brothers and Sisters in Christ gain this Integrated Ascended Master Ideal and help them develop a simple process and path for doing all these things and more also!For to do any less then help all those around us do all that we are doing as well would also be un becoming of the Great Soul we are!For Lord Maitreya says “Service is the Law of Life and Service is the Fruit of Life!” When we can serve from this Integrated Understanding and put all our energy in effort to helping and serving others then in turn we shall be helped and served in a like manner by the forbears and guides of the Race of Men.Our elder Brothers and Sisters the Ascended Masters themselves!If we can do this daily on a consistent manner to our highest degree each day we will become the embodiment of our Highest ideal and true leaders over ourselves.We will be qualified to lead then the Sons on Men as Masters ourselves!When this is done and completed at a Planetary level through a Life of Service and Devoted effort to the goal we will at the culmination of our Life have qualified to progess into greater Cosmic Evolution by going onto Solar Evolution as Ascended Masters.We will continue there to serve greater levels of Divinity and bring forth greater levels of Solar Light and Will of the Logoi.By that way and with that same ends unto service with that absolute focus and intention on the Supreme Cosmic Attainment and total effort and focus inner and outer on that Goal we shall become servants of the one and Lords of Light at the Solar Level.We shall again over more time and cycles of Time perhaps counting ages we will progress into Galactic Universal and Cosmic Evolutionary Ascension and Completion.First we must demonstrate our Planetary Mastery through Dilligent and daily Planetary World Service and through total mastery of all our Thoughts Energies actions Impulses and desires.Once we have attained and completed this process at a planetary level though a Life of service again we shall then be qualified to move onto greater Solar Service!This then is our Mission and Puzzle piece that we have come here to complete,this is our work to be done,this is our inner and outer effort and focus at all times and in all circumstance!

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