Monday, October 4, 2010

The Importance of Making Decisions from a Balanced and Integrated Perspective within the 7 Rays and 7 Chakras.

One of the most important aspects of becoming an Integrated Ascended Master and Being successful in life one needs to make decisions from a Balance of all the 7 Rays and Master demonstrating the Higher Aspect of Each of the Rays and be a Master of all Rays All Archetypes and Chakras.One must make decisions from being in ones Full Personal Power and Self Mastery.One must use ones Power to serve Spirit God the Masters and the Plan.Next one must make decisions from bringing in love and Wisdom into ones Life and Demonstrating Unconditional Love and Wisdom.For example including all People and coming from Love in all Interactions.Ideally we make decisions out of Intuition Feeling and Inner Guidance.So we need Power and Loving Wisdom.We also need to be intelligent with our Decision and take right action to that end.This relates to the 3rd Ray,and the proper use of this Ray in decision making allows us to take the right action and actually act on our Ideals and Ideas and get the job done so to speak.This ray also deals with Business so we are deciding from the perspective of how this Effects our Business and our FInancial Future.We also need to consider the Aspect of Beuty Harmony Artistry and Aestetics.Here we consider and demonstrate Beuty and Remaining In Harmony within self above all else and therefor Harmony with God and all others too.Now we also need to use properly the Higher Aspect of the 5th Ray in Developing Scientific Systems and making our Decisions based on the Results of such Solid “SPiritual Science”.Now we also need to incorporate the Use of Devotion and Idealism into our Decision making process.We need to decide from that perspective of being devoted to our Brothers and Sisters and being commited to serving thier Spirits and Souls even as we have first served our own with Total devotion to our own Ideal and the Manifestation.We also must use our energies to decide on being and Demonstrating Order and including Magic into our life.Incorpatoarting Magic we enter those magic and mYstical realms which bring life so much juicy Enjoyable magic.We all need Magic brought back into the Earth!
Now also we need to make decisions from the Higher Aspects of the Charkas.Ideally we need to make decisions being Well Grounded and Supported Physically,(1st Chakra)We also need to act from a Balanced Emotional Body and Integrate our Sexual Energies into Our Decisions(2nd Chakra)We also need to demonstrate Firey Will and Action in our Decisions,never wavering but being 100% desicive and acting abundantly.(3rd Charka)We also need to Act and Decide from a Place of Balance where our Masculine and Feminine Energies are balanced and Demonstrated.(4th Chakra).Now we also need to clearly communicate our Choices to those that our Choice effect,Those in our Teams and Part of our Groups and our Lives.(5th Chakra).We also of course need to be clear in our Vision and be able to see clearly the Right Choice in any and all situations at all times,seeing clearly the Right decision we are to make!(6th Chakra)And Finally we need to make a decision from being merged with the All that is,In coming from total oneness with our Selves God The Masters and all Beings,(This is of course the higher Function of the 7th Chakra.)Now the Degree to which we do this will determine the Degree to which we are demonstrating Integrated Ascension and the degree to which we are Realizing God and Self at a Planetary Level.The degree to which we do this on a consistent daily basis is the degree to which we are Demonstrating the Integrated Christ/Mahatma/Melchedizek Consciousness,and the degree to which we do this will determine the degree to which we have transcended Negative Ego Duality and Limited Lens Decision making!

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